What's your worst Christmas memory

The 24 best Christmas films - ranked by the Moviepilot editorial team

Update: Unfortunately, not many new Christmas films that have the chance of making classics are coming to the cinemas. That's why we are simply presenting this list to you again. The next few years will show whether Last Christmas and the Netflix film Klaus will warm up to become real Christmas film classics.

Christmas movies are an essential part of our annual holiday log. They belong to Christmas like gingerbread, poking pine needles, the smell of resin, Advent puzzles and full ICEs. And they are like Christmas memories: Everyone has their own personal one.

The qualification guidelines for this list are therefore a little fuzzy. For some, a film becomes a Christmas film when a Santa Claus walks through the picture and Jingle Bells is played at least once.

The most atmospheric Christmas films but are those who are charged with memories and store a special Christmas feeling that is released every year in December. So can a normal fairy tale or a melodrama that was never meant to be a Christmas film appear in this list.

We rummaged through our own Christmas film checklists and through our film archive like dusty Christmas tree decorations. We screened, haggled for ranks and defended the raison d'ĂȘtre of our favorite films.

The result is the following list. Only hard thing Exclusion criterion: Sequels in a series, such as the Christmas Kevin - Alone in New York or Die Hard 2, are not included here.

Which Christmas films do you watch every year?