How many NRA members are women

US gun lobby NRA supports presidential candidate Trump

"On behalf of the thousands of patriots in this room, the millions of members of the NRA," he officially announces that his organization is behind Trump, said the political leader of the National Rifle Association (NRA), Chris Cox. Well-calculated support for the candidate Donald Trump. The most powerful gun lobby in the country, the NRA, hopes that the right of citizens to own gun, enshrined in the US constitution, will not be discussed further under President Trump and that its influence will remain unbroken. The NRA has dominated the social and political debate on the emotional issue of gun ownership in the United States for decades.

Trump to catch votes in the gun lobby

The right-wing populist real estate billionaire then promised in his speech to the NRA members (article picture) that he would defend the constitutional right to own guns as president. This right is more threatened than ever before, said Trump at the annual meeting of the financially strong NRA in Louisville, Kentucky. The prospective presidential candidate of the Democrats, Hillary Clinton, is the "most weapons hostile" candidate in US history and wants to abolish the basic right to own weapons, he criticized his Democratic opponent. "We will not allow that," Trump shouted to the delegates.

It is estimated that there are more than 300 million firearms in private households in the United States. In the past few years, President Barack Obama made various attempts to regulate gun ownership more strictly - also in the face of numerous rampages with many dead - but failed because of resistance, especially from the Republicans in Congress.

Clinton is vehemently promoting stricter gun laws

Most recently, at the beginning of the year, Democrat Obama announced a new initiative aimed at bypassing Congress to enforce stricter scrutiny of firearms buyers. His party colleague Clinton wants to continue on this course. She strongly advocates tightening gun laws. Again and again she appears together with victims of gun violence. Clinton said several times that the US would have to revise its position on private gun ownership in general.

Hardly any other topic divides the US more than gun ownership - and none is discussed more controversially. The ideological rift runs close to party lines. The Republicans justify lax gun laws, the Democrats advocate restrictions. But even the Democrats would never question the fundamental right to own a rifle or a pistol. Around 90 people, including children, die every day in the United States from firearms. Sloppiness, suicide, accident, murder, rampage, self-defense, the reasons for death by a gun are many and varied.

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