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Our recipe collection brings together delicious dishes for every taste and every day. In addition, the ideas are easy to implement and quickly made. Browse now and serve up the next big hunger!


Delicious dishes with meat

We don't have to do without good quality meat in everyday life either. We use minced meat, for example, which is cheap and tasty! Pot roast is also not particularly expensive, but you have to allow a little more time for the preparation of goulash and the like. In everyday life, we also like to simply reduce the amount of meat, but still reward ourselves with small highlights such as crispy fried bacon or process sausage products.


Fully vegetarian - delicious dishes with lots of vegetables

Without meat does not mean a lack of pleasure in delicious dishes! Delicious vegetable curries, crunchy salads and delicious veggie stews make you want more. The constant hit among the meat-free dishes are pasta dishes, because they fill you up and make you happy when combined with the right ingredients! Great recipes such as nacho pasta, beetroot spaghetti or pasta with mushrooms and halloumi also prove that it doesn't have to be boring!


Delicious dishes for children

If our children like it, then we are happy and satisfied too. In addition to french fries, pizza and fish fingers, healthy dishes shouldn't be neglected - they can be just as delicious! Try something new for the little ones too, use vegetables that they don't know yet and will definitely love. This expands the culinary horizon immensely and your child learns that exotic recipes are also really delicious!

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