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That's impossible! - The hymen myth

I was 23 years old when I was told that the hymen did not exist. At least not in the way I always imagined. And that was something like the aluminum cover over the Nutella glass. Well it doesn't exist. It doesn't, it never will. The next woman I tell this to is 71. She's never heard of it either. My friends look at me in disbelief after I excitedly tell them about my new discovery. They didn't know that either. How is it that this not entirely unimportant information about the female body is something completely new for so many people of all ages? A text about the myth of the hymen.

Mystification of a skin flap

First facts on the table: The hymen, also called hymen, does not work at all as in my Nutella glass idea. The hymen is much more a kind of soft flap of skin that does not close the vagina, but rather surrounds its entrance. And this elastic flap of skin is different for every woman. Wide or narrow, firm or soft. And now the most important thing: In almost all women, this seam is still intact after the first time sex, and even after childbirth.

The popular belief that the hymen is 'destroyed' the first time you have sex is simply wrong. If that were the case, girls and women who have never had sex or who never want to have sex would not have to worry about menstrual items either - everything stays inside, is sealed.
The myth of tight skin that closes the vagina is probably one of the reasons why girls and women are often so afraid of having sex for the first time. The idea that this tight, tight skin is destroyed is also a frightening idea. The worry that the first sex should supposedly hurt has unfortunately become normal and is hardly ever questioned.

The bloody sheet

Another myth that affects the hymen is that girls and women bleed after having sex for the first time. In many cultures and religions it plays a major role that women enter marriage as a virgin. The blood on the bed sheet after the wedding night is still considered unmistakable evidence of virginity. But the fact is:

“4 out of 5 girls experience neither pain nor bleeding during their first sexual intercourse. The soft, resilient nature of the hymen usually prevents it from tearing and bleeding. ”The hymen - myth and reality, all clear! 2009

Almost as widespread is the belief that a medical examination can determine whether a girl or woman has had sex before. Here, too, the facts are different. Pro familia writes that studies show that many sexually active women have no hymen injuries. In turn, women who have never had sex would often have a broken-looking hymen. The pro familia information paper also states that the mere fact that such examinations are still carried out often confirms that this myth is widespread even among doctors.

Lets talk about virginity

I didn't know any of this before researching this article. Because despite all the facts, despite the organizations and campaigns fighting to demystify the hymen, I still found a lot of false information. Those that reinforce the myths about the hymen that already exist in the minds of many people.

But we need the exact opposite! Namely education about the topic. So that you don't find out about it until you are 23 or 71.

And so that a flap of skin does not have such power over girls and women. It's just a bloody flap of skin.

Katja Hoffmann

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