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Shaquille O’Neal height, weight and body measurements

Shaquille O’Neal aka Shaq is a retired NBA star who was known on the pitch as well as his amazing skills and is still known for his gigantic physique. He played college basketball at Louisiana State University under coach Dale Brown. His stature and formidable game caught the attention of the NBA and was immediately drafted by Orlando Magic as the first choice in the 1992 NBA Draft. Shaq arrived in the NBA and looked very athletic and well cut.

Shaquille O'Neal Height

Shaq stood at the height of 22 meters and attracted attention because he was tall. However, he's not the greatest NBA player of all time. That title was taken by Manute Bol, who towered at 7ft7inch, followed by Yao Ming who sticks out at 7ft6in. Manute and Ming may both be taller, but Shaq had an impressive build that was physically imposing. He was very active and quick regardless of his size. Shaq's size and agility obviously gave him an edge over his opponents in becoming the rookie of the year 1992/1993. Dunking was also an easy task as he could reach the basket without jumping too high. His field goal percentage of 58.2% tops him 3rd on the all-time NBA list.

Shaquille O’Neal and body measurements

In his first season, Shaq had an estimated weight of 230 pounds. His body measurements were recorded as shown below.

chest - 145 cm or 57 inches
Arms / biceps - 51 cm or 20 inches
waist - 122 cm or 48 inches

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However, by the time Shaq left for LA Lakers in 1996, he was gradually starting to grow out of shape. Fast forward to 2004 and the once-tinted Shaq had added nearly 100 pounds to weigh about 370 pounds. It turned out that Shaq was purposely trying to add weight to improve his stamina and improve his superior play, as he got tired of being pushed through the post right after the Lakers win in the off-season. To do this, Shaq added more meat and potatoes to his meals and the fats built up, although he reached his goal first, the long term after-effects were unexpected.

Shaq did little or nothing to help the situation as he continued to make more dedicated visits to burger restaurants than the gyms. He was later traded to the Miami Heats, where he worked hard to lose a few pounds so he could get his game up and running. Despite the weight, Shaq still had an above-average basketball career spanning nearly two decades - his numerous awards testify to that, not to mention his $ 350 million net worth. However, some speculations Shaq would have done would have done more than he had if he had religiously kept his weight in check.

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After his retirement in 2011, Shaq created even more ponds. He switched to the media as a sports analyst and also became a businessman.

Such a gigantic body is accompanied by a gigantic one, as expected Shoe size. Shaq wears size 22.

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