Are rocks dead or alive


In the old days a virgin could sometimes be seen on the Lorelei at dusk and under the moonlight.
She sang in such a lovely voice that it enchanted all who heard it. Many who drove past were torn into the depths of the rocky reef in the river because they no longer paid attention to their vehicles. Nobody had seen the maiden up close. than some young fishermen.
Sometimes she would join them in the last glow of the evening and show them the places where they should cast their nets. Every time they followed the maiden's, they made a copious catch. The young men told what they had met, and the story soon spread throughout the country.
The son of the one who had his court camp nearby at that time also heard the wonderful tale; he lusted to see the virgin. He pretended to go hunting and took the route to Oberwesel; sat down in a boat there and let himself be driven downstream.
The sun had just set and the first stars appeared in the sky, as the Lorelei's vehicle approached. "Do you see her there, the cursed sorceress?" called the boatmen. But the youth had already seen her. She sat on the slope of the rock, not far from the river, and tied a wreath around her golden locks. Now he heard the sound of her voice and was soon no longer able to control his senses. He ordered the boatmen to approach the rock. But when he wanted to jump ashore, he took the jump too short and sank into the river; the waves beat horribly over him.
The news quickly got to the ears of the. In pain and anger, he ordered his servants to bring the fiend dead or alive. One of his captains promised to do the will of the. But he asked himself that he could throw the witch straight into the Rhine, so that she might not free herself from dungeons and gangs through magical arts. He was satisfied.
Now the captain moved out towards evening and surrounded the mountain with his sticks. He himself took three of the most courageous men from his band and climbed the Lorelei. The maiden sat on the top, holding a string of amber in her hand. She saw the men coming and called to them what they were looking for. "You, sorceress," replied the captain, "and I order you to plunge into the waters at once!" - "Well," said the maiden, laughing, "the Rhine may take me!" With these words she threw the amber cord down into the river and sang in a horrible tone: "Father, father, hurry, hurry, send the white horses to your child, he wants to ride with waves and wind!"
All of a sudden the electricity roared. The Rhine rustled so that the banks and heights were covered with white spray. Two waves, almost the shape of two white horses, rose with the speed of lightning to the top of the rock and carried the maiden down into the stream, where she disappeared.

Text: Alois Schreiber