How do I write something interesting

Seshmosis wrote:If you don't know how to write something interesting, you should leave it. There are many beautiful hobbies.

If you can realize yourself in music, why do you need literature? Not everyone is dual or multi-talented.
But modesty is almost extinct. Everyone thinks they have to become a super superstar. But art is something completely different. That has something to do with content, with dealing with inner and outer worlds. Not by making another Potter or Lord of the Rings clone.
It's staggering how many forums people post that they dream of their own bestseller but have no idea what to say to the world and then ask for help.

Writing can be therapy, but writing books is something completely different.

First of all, I never intended to write a bestseller because every author knows that you can't plan something like that. Bestsellers are made by readers. It has always been like that.

I'm just asking for help in learning story building techniques. Every professional author must have learned this somewhere.
Take a look at films in the cinema, on DVD or on TV. Every film is based on the same pattern. There are only 13 basic structures for stories and you always have to choose one. There are really only 13, you can count. One of these structures is, for example, "The Chosen Story", as we know it from the Matrix films, or the "Outsider Story", such as B. Forrest Gump. They have been around for thousands of years since the first people told each other about their first hunting experiences. From that time on, storytelling has evolved and has remained the same to this day.

All I want to know is the technique of storytelling, the skills to turn a simple subject into a gripping story. Very few authors are born with something like that. Every Hollywood screenwriter is trained in this basic knowledge, and it is precisely because of these techniques that everybody watches US films instead of European geriatric cinema, which prefers to rely on inspiration a'la from Goethe. The fact is, people want to be entertained. The only reason why people pick up a book or go to the cinema is because they want to go somewhere else, just switch off and let themselves be showered. Of course, this sprinkling can also be intellectual and subtle, but above all it has to entertain, and entertainment is not possible when a conceited young Schiller sits down and practices pseudo-intellectual writing just to show everyone how well he can express himself.

Writing and storytelling are two different things and I don't think storytelling is an art in itself. Music is art because you can only compose when you are inspired. But anyone who claims they need inspiration to write is just too lazy to do so. Because writing was, is and will always be a craft. There is only a minor artistic aspect, namely in the creation of figures.
So I'll say it again now. 99% of all professional published writers have learned storytelling techniques somewhere, whether through self-taught or a teacher. You couldn't put a letter on paper if you didn't know where to start.

There is a brilliant sentence by a famous author that shows you whether you have a talent for storytelling or not:

"Give a stranger to you some of your texts to read. If he feels like turning the page, you have talent."

I've tried this a few times and everyone wanted to turn the page. So I am not lacking in talent. I just want to learn the craft of making every idea exciting. Because I can't do that yet.