Why does Coca Cola taste so refreshing

Whether you are a healthy lifestyle advocate or not: every now and then everyone feels the urge to eat fast food. The burger giant "McDonald's" offers the right drink to match its greasy sins: a refreshing cola - but this has a different taste than the commercially available variant from the supermarket. The company is now explaining why this is so.

Since its development in 1886, Coca-Cola has been one of the undisputed favorite lemonade among people around the world. The Coca-Cola Company officially specifies the ingredients water, sugar, carbonic acid, food coloring E 150d, acidulants, aroma and caffeine as components of the carbonated drink. At first that sounds more like chemistry than pleasure - and yet nobody can deny that they enjoy enjoying a chilled glass of the brown lemonade.

Different tastes
Be it from the vending machine, straight from the refrigerated shelf or "freshly tapped" in one of the countless fast-food restaurants: Cola tastes good anytime and anywhere - but it has a different taste depending on where it is purchased. Visitors to one of the many "McDonald's" branches can confirm this - because if you order a mug of the American cult drink here, the contents always taste different than you are used to. According to "McDonald's" and publications by the online portal "Spoon University", which is primarily dedicated to publications on the subject of food, this is due to three significant points.

1. The delivery
In the American region in particular, the fast-food chain relies on containers made of stainless steel, in which liters of Coca-Cola are delivered to various branches every day. This transport decision should preserve the ingredients of the drink and ensure that it does not lose its freshness.

The preparation
The "McDonald's" group announces in an official statement on the company website that they also value the correct pH value of the water. Because in every system that fills the coke into the cups, there is "Coca-Cola" syrup, which together with a lot of water then results in the tangy end product. In order to ensure that the lemonade tastes the same in every branch, "McDonald's" uses its own filter methods to ensure that the water hardness remains constant. Shortly before the two beverage components are brought together, a system cools down the syrup and the water. This is necessary to achieve the highest possible oxygen content - the drink tastes refreshing.

Ice cubes
Are you one of those people who like to order their fast food cola without adding ice cubes? After all, these are generally considered to be a source of bacteria and possible sources of infection. But do not worry, this should only be observed by holidaymakers in distant regions. For everyone else, the following applies: ice cubes must be put in the cola. "McDonald's" names the water-syrup ratio as the reason for this "duty". This is only complied with with the right amount of frozen water and thus ensures the perfect taste experience. The group also advises its customers to use straws that have been laid out. These have a wider opening than those of the competition and should therefore ensure the full development of the taste on the tongue.

Fortunately, the codes
The secret of the different tastes of the drink seem to have been clarified. If you want to impress your friends the next time you visit the golden "Ms", you can shine with secret codes in addition to this knowledge. You will find out what the "Mc Gangbang" is and why you should definitely order it here