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The 4 best alternatives to PowerPoint at a glance

Fortunately, the days when there was no really usable alternative to PowerPoint are long gone.

Meanwhile, a whole host of different presentation programs vies for the favor of the users. To offer a stage to all representatives of the currently available presentation tools would go far beyond the scope of this article. On the other hand, there is always enough space to introduce you to PowerPoint and the best 4 alternatives to the forefather of all presentation programs.

PowerPoint: Are there alternatives on an equal footing?

The presentation program of the software giant Microsoft is the undisputed top dog. No wonder, because PowerPoint started its triumphal march back in 1987! Really usable alternatives to PPT, however, have only been on the market for a few years.

Conceptually, PowerPoint works like the good old overhead projector. (In this relic, each slide was designed individually by hand, and then - usually the wrong way round! - placed individually on the projector.) A PPT film, on the other hand, can be designed very extensively on the computer. Text, images, multimedia content, video and various animation options can be integrated on a slide. Even laypeople with no IT skills can use PowerPoint to create a reasonably sensible presentation.

Keynote: The PPT alternative from Apple

Apple - the opponent of Microsoft - naturally has its own presentation program for the macOS and iOS operating systems. 'Keynote' - named after the legendary opening speeches by Apple founder Steve Jobs - has always lagged a little behind PowerPoint in terms of user-friendliness and functionality. However, this has changed significantly with the newer versions.

Keynote is now convincing as a usable and multi-faceted PowerPoint alternative that is hardly inferior to its famous MS competitor. But: This applies primarily to the 'Keynote' 09 'version. The current version 'Keynote' 06 '(or Keynote '13) has been slimmed down in favor of compatibility with iOS and offers significantly fewer functions for slide design.

Google Slides: Free Alternative to PowerPoint

'Google Slides' is part of a web-based online office package from the network giant. You can use Google Slides for free, which is a great thing. In terms of operation, the program is quite simple. In the basic version of Google Slides, the user has rather limited options, but these are completely sufficient to design a simple presentation.

If you want, you can expand the program with a number of add-ons to expand the design framework. The respective presentation is automatically saved on Google servers and is therefore also available on the move. What makes Google Slides so attractive, however, is the opportunity to work collaboratively in a team on a presentation. For us a really great alternative to PPT!

Prezi: The visual, different & cloud-based PPT alternative

If you think of pretzels when you hear the name of this cloud-based presentation program, you will be forgiven. The fact is that 'Prezi' has blossomed into a really good alternative to PowerPoint & Co. over the years. The platform-independent program differs significantly from its competitors in terms of presentation design. Instead of working with transparencies, you are practically sitting in front of a virtual whiteboard on which various elements such as text, images, multimedia, etc. can be arranged.

That sounds pretty cool and innovative at first. But when designing more complex presentations, there is a risk that not only your audience, but you too will quickly lose track and thus lose the thread. We are happy to assist you with words and deeds to design a convincing, clearly structured Prezi presentation.


Emaze: A PowerPoint alternative when things have to be done quickly

'Emaze' is practically the coffee-to-go among online presentation programs. The templates that the program provides are really good - you can choose between 2D and 3D templates. The number of tools for creating slides is very clear (the text color, for example, cannot be changed).

Even if it is not a real alternative to PowerPoint in terms of complexity, Emaze still provides the user with all the tools in order to set up a completely usable presentation in the shortest possible time. The program can be tested for two weeks - after that, depending on the version, it costs between 9 and 19 USD per month.


A short conclusion zu PowerPoint and its 4 top alternatives

A very clear and plausible insight remains in the room, which is completely independent of the presentation software used:

If you want to shine with a presentation that not only shows your expertise, serves as a reliable support for your lectures and highlights the CI of your company, you should consult an expert who is just as familiar with MS PowerPoint as with its alternative programs.

Which alternative to PowerPoint do you like the most? Discuss with!