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Soul age: Old souls are so incredibly different from their environment

Old souls? Imagine you belong to the Old Souls. And you felt this intuitively as a child and now as an adult ... in the worst case you have forgotten all this and who you are yourself.

Old souls often recognize each other better in childhood than in adult life. As a child, you feel a connection with nature, with animals, with people in a way that looks behind the scenes. Until they notice that this is a) not the case with the children and also with the adults in their environment and b) is uncomfortable / painful for others (especially the parents) or even c) is undesirable.

Then these children with the Old Soul often make a painful decision. Read more about it in this blog post and how you can get home as an old soul within yourself.

Many feel it intuitively that they are an old soul

A surprising number of people without any information have the feeling that they are somehow "old" compared to the people around them. Without them being able to explain it. You feel a connection with the spiritual world, which for you is often as natural as breathing.

When an old soul realizes itself as an adult, it can easily see the path of its childhood.
She also sees the price she paid.
And it's her way of deeply reconciling with it.

If, yes, if everything goes well. Because to say it right from the start: hardly any old soul crouches on an imaginary meditation cushion, always holy and buddha-like. You are in the here and now just like everyone else. But it's still different with them. We'll get to that in a moment.

Your soul age determines how you deal with problems and feelings

How would your life be if you had a feeling for whether you belonged to the Young Souls, Mature Souls or Old Souls? Because depending on the age of your soul, you deal with problems, doubts, unpleasant feelings and thoughts differently.

Young souls, for example, simply ignore problems and doubts or deny all conflicts. Reflection? Nothing! Inside look? Unknown! Young souls have different qualities and different tasks. As a soul and very important: in our society. Read from the Young Souls here and watch the video.

Mature souls are completely different. Mature souls work everything, but also EVERYTHING. Which can include up to 25 incarnations. What an achievement! Mature souls move increasingly confidently between this and previous life, between the spiritual world and the here and now. Read here from the mature souls and watch the video.

Watch the video about old souls now

There was more information and an exercise to join in in the online coaching. You can watch the recording for free and take part: http://mein-selbstcoaching.de/lm-alte-seelen-lp/

But let's now dive deep into the world of old souls, as I can experience in my work as a companion of mature and old souls.

In my world we have a soul and a soul age, maybe the soul age of the old soul

In my blog post What If You Were An Old Soul? Coaching for old souls is no secret, I have some of the soul concept according to Dr. Varda Hasselmann and Frank Schmolke presented. Now I want to point you directly to the characteristics of the Old Souls.

... but old souls are often surrounded by an environment that is completely different from themselves. What applies in society (“faster-higher-further”) is not suitable for the old soul. It is usually not understood. And despite all the efforts - mostly since early childhood - does not find out how she has to be and what she has to do in order to be like everyone else.

It is not possible for the old soul to be like everyone else.
She is so different.
She is in the minority.
It often makes them tired.
She is often lonely and doesn't feel like she belongs, even in a large family.

And the old soul often encounters the greatest lack of understanding in the family.

So that she denies herself.
So that it twists.
So that she makes herself small and stupid and powerless.
So that she tries to “switch off” from all channels.
So that she fights that feeling of being strange and wrong over and over again.
And thus leads the fight against himself.

Until she acknowledges, accepts and loves herself unconditionally.

Until she acknowledges, accepts and loves herself unconditionally

Are the parents, the family, the society bad?
The old soul needs this environment.
She wants something else.
She longs for like-minded people.
She cries for joy and is grateful when she meets such people.

Because it's so precious.

It is precious and rare that the old soul meets many like-minded people

Like-minded old souls are good for her. But she will seldom automatically find them in her direct environment. There are more young souls, with a lot of "luck" even mature souls. But it is no coincidence that the old soul is looking for young souls as parents. Because through this she WILL go her way. And work your way through all layers of their being and their been-being. In a way, in a depth that only an old soul can.

But that's how she finds herself at the core. With “feel-good parents” and “spiritual-energetic airbag parents” - so my assumption - the necessary development steps would not be possible. Indolence and so ...

Due to the prevailing dominance of young souls, old souls learn to trust themselves and their connection to the spiritual world.
This is where they draw their strength.
And they need it too.

Because the challenges of the different stages of development of Alt 1, Alt 2 etc. are just as challenging, exhausting, seemingly hopeless as for the other soul ages. And always with the increasing certainty that all these phases will be passed through for the last time in the earthly body.

Young souls do not know or deny that they exist: the spiritual world. Or they try to get there and find that these are 30-second guest appearances at best. And that they don't know how to get there again. Which they usually don't really want either. Mature souls learn better and better to connect with the spiritual world, to move there and to find your way. The older you get, the better it gets! And it becomes easier, more purposeful and more fulfilling.

The old soul IS so easily connected with the spiritual world that it often does not notice it. Many of my coaching clients have all told me the same thing for many years:

“It is easy and pleasant to be in contact with the spiritual world. I know everything. I am everything. It's all there, it's all clear. I am connected in a way that I cannot describe. And which I sorely miss when I get involved in the here and now. I could be there anytime. That would be my favorite. "

How is it with you? Do you know that or do you have a clue that answers quietly inside you?

The old souls of my 1: 1 people also say:

“It's so exhausting here. Everything, but everything too, is so difficult. So slow. So confusing. So lonely. So superficial. So hard. I would love to give up this body in order to always feel this fusion and unity. "

This is also the reality of many people who are among us as old souls. You are lonely. You are lonely in ways that we who are younger cannot grasp. And don't even have to try to empathize with this loneliness. Because that is not possible for us.

It is the way of the old soul.
We all go once.
You go it someday.
And I'll go it someday.
And you know - then it will work!

Old souls are precious to us all, because they always help us younger souls and instruct us - directly or indirectly

The old soul receives many gifts from the spiritual world.
She cannot always accept them.
She cannot always use them.

The old soul looks at the entire wealth of its incarnations.
And: she remembers!
A bulging archive of skills, experience and knowledge.
And she can't always use it.

And often this is what makes the old soul so painfully feel its inner turmoil

To feel WHO she is.
To feel WHAT it has inside.
To feel WHERE your longing takes you.
To feel what it is for.

And somehow not being able to achieve it.

I don't think non-old souls can grasp the depth of that desperation. In my coaching I often share this field for and with the old souls when I lead them to where the next step in growth is for them. So I have a deep sense of it.

But I am not kidding myself: I am a late mature soul and I feel, full of respect and love, what depths are possible for old souls ... and not yet for me. And that's good.


I write from my world of experience as a coach. For for many years now, few young souls, many mature souls and many old souls have come to me. And there is always this one place in my work where we are fully on the topic and change the world. The work on change now begins with the young souls. With the mature souls too, only that it is easier and faster and deeper. And it takes less explanation and less "reassurance" that all is well.

With the old souls it is mostly (not in every session and not for every topic, but MOST OF THE MOST):

We do and make ...
are at this point that I have described ...
I usually do one more intervention ...
And wait like an old soul by virtue of their consciousness brings everything into balance.

To be there.
To be thankful.
This is my contribution at this point.

It's always an incredible experience for me. I only experienced it this morning and yesterday.

The old souls do ... I have no idea what they are doing

You suddenly KNOW. Full.

You suddenly UNDERSTAND. Full.

You UNDERSTAND everything. Full.

They ROTATE everything.

You MAKE everything slide into place.

They DO NOTHING and it goes VERY fast.

You are DONE.

Phew, did you get a feel for what we humans are capable of? Old souls depending on their soul maturity within the old cycle. And you too will be able to do it ... later, when you are now a young person or a mature person or an early old soul. At some point we can all do that. Just because!

Feel it or not And even in your darkest hour, remember:

You are loved infinitely.

LG, Wera
Expert in soul consciousness

Soul age: Mature 7

PS: I invite you to the 3-part series about the ages of the soul: It is about the young souls (part 1), the mature souls (part 2) and the old souls (part 3). You can order the 3 recordings (1 hour each) free of charge

Wera Nägler, a versatile solo entrepreneur for over 20 years, shares her knowledge of how to solve emotional problems in such a way that you feel clear, satisfied and confident. Mature and old souls can find each other particularly well.
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