Why can't we cancel cinema tickets


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In this post, I'll explain why you can't simply return movie tickets purchased online. You will find out what to look out for when you buy the tickets online and how, with a little luck, you can still get rid of your tickets.

Where is the return button for cinema tickets bought online?


Maybe you are doing just as I did a few weeks ago. I bought a couple Movie tickets online and later found out that I don't need them at all. I looked for a way to return the tickets on the cinema's website. But I couldn't find a link. I then wrote to the company and asked for the cards to be taken back. I was lucky. The cinema operator took the tickets back. But he also pointed out a rule when buying movie tickets online.

Please note for further purchases:
The customer has no right of return or cancellation from the contract for the purchase of cinema tickets concluded with the cinema operator. The Distance Contracts Regulations do not apply.
Every ticket order is binding for the customer upon confirmation by the cinema operator and obliges the customer to accept and pay.

Cinema tickets purchased online cannot be returned

This regulation actually exists. You can read about this in the BGB under distance contracts:

The regulations on distance contracts do not apply to contracts for the provision of services in the areas of accommodation, transport, delivery of food and beverages and leisure activities if the entrepreneur undertakes to provide the services at a specific point in time or within a precisely specified period of time provide. [1]

This means that as soon as you buy tickets online for a certain film in the cinema, a concert, a play or another event, you can get the Do not give cards back. If the organizer takes your tickets back anyway, they do so voluntarily.

3 questions you should ask yourself before buying

Therefore, before buying movie tickets online, you should think about the following things:

  1. Can I on the day we go to the event?
  2. I want to really go to the event that day?
  3. If I can't go, who can I give the cards to sell or give away?

If you have a positive answer to all 3 questions, then you can Order cinema tickets online. If you are unsure of one of the questions, then I recommend that you do not order the cards. In this case, ask the cinema operator beforehand whether you can return the tickets if you shouldn't need them. If the operator gives you a positive answer, you can refer to it.

What is your experience?

Has it ever happened to you that you wanted to return movie tickets that you previously bought online? Then write your experience in the comments and tell us if you got rid of the cards. Incidentally, the Cinemaxx took the cards back from me without any problems.

Sources and references:
[1]BGB distance selling

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