How can I mute someone on Instagram

Instagram: Mute Stories & People

You are sure to succeed some people Instagramwho keep posting something new and literally flood your feed with their contributions. If you're annoyed with these friends but don't want to be quite as radical and don't want to remove them right away, you can take them out instead mute. That goes for both Story posts the respective person as well as for the Photo uploads.

Mute & unmute posts

The mute option on Instagram works similarly to the snooze function on Facebook. This feature makes it possible to no longer see the stories and posts of some users, without directly unfollowing them. Muting a person can of course undo it at any time. In addition, the users concerned do not find out that you have muted them.

Mute Instagram story

If you want to mute an Instagram story, tap on the profile picture of the respective person at the top of the feed within the stories area and hold it a little pressed longer. Then a new window will open. In this window you click on the option "Mute"so that the stories are muted in the future.

Tip: By the way, you can choose in advance who is allowed to see the story in your own stories and who is not. We'll show you how to do it Hide Instagram Stories from specific users and increase your privacy on Instagram!

You confirm the process by clicking on it in a new window "Mute story" is typing. In addition, you can at this level the person's stories and feed posts all at once on "Mute" put.

A muted story appears at the very end in the Stories bar at the top of your feed. The profile picture of a user whose stories are muted has a pale background and no longer receives the colored ring when the story has been updated. In addition, such stories are no longer played automatically.

Mute feed posts on Instagram

To mute someone's feed posts on Instagram, tap the three points above a post. Then you also have the option here, the option "Mute" to choose. thanks to the "Mute"-Option, the posts will no longer appear in your feed. But it still follows the person.

If you have tapped on this field, you will get to another level - as with the muting via the stories. In the following area you can choose again whether you want to only post the person or both the photo uploads and the stories want to mute the user in one go.

Mute people via profile

Alternatively, you can do that too Profile of the person open up "Subscribed" tap and "Mute" choose. Now you can choose whether you want the Posts and / or the stories want to mute the person concerned by tapping the switch to the right of the options.

Undo mute

To that Unmute an Instagram story, you tap on the profile picture at the end of the stories bar and hold it down longer. A window will appear giving you the option "Unmute" selects. Then the story of the corresponding user appears again in the feed as normal.

If you have the Unmute posts and want to see the user's posts again, go to the profile of the respective person and tap on the "Subscribed"-Button. Select the menu item "Mute" and taps on the switch to the right of "Contributions". From now on you can see all posts of the respective user in your feed again. Alternatively, you can also use the Mute stories or unmute it.

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