Where can I post a mathematical discovery?

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In addition to the classic scientific journals, data journals and data portals with journal character are increasingly being offered. In addition, some classic trade journals are expanding their portfolio to include data repositories. With the use of the technical possibilities, the usual processes of the authors and the access routes to the articles and data change. Open access and articles that are published with the underlying data and made available to a broad audience are just a few examples of a fundamental change in scientific publishing.

How do classic trade journals differ from data journals?

A scientific journal enables the publication of scientific articles digitally and / or in paper form, for which a review process (predominantly peer review) is usually used for quality assurance. The research data on which the article is based has seldom been printed. However, the authors send the data on request under certain conditions. Alternatively, the link to the data is published in an article. The data can then be found online in a data repository of the relevant specialist journal or an external provider. Readers can access it through a subscription or license.

In the case of data journals, the focus is on the publication of research data. The data is archived in the journal's own or external repositories. In addition, data descriptions such as the data curation profile and the scientific article can be published. As a rule, no scientific discoveries are required for data publications in such journals. In some journals, describing a scientific discovery is expressly undesirable, as the focus should be on a complete description of the data and explanation of the survey and not on its interpretation.

A data journal is a purely online medium whose content is accessed via restricted access or open access. Some data journals go even further and use review procedures for quality assurance that are carried out as interactive open peer reviews. An example of this is the Earth System Science Data website.

Where can data journals be found?

According to the latest information, there is neither an overview nor a portal that lists the most important data journals and enables convenient searches. However, some simple lists of available data journals already exist:

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