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The best strategy board games: guides, tips & recommendations

The best strategy board games: work out a strategy step by step in order to win. One of the most popular board game categories and extremely versatile. Suitable for both children and adults. We write strategy board games. That’s what we’re concerned with today. What makes it so special Which are the best titles? What should be considered when buying?

Take a few minutes to read through our comprehensive guide. It is worth it!

Best strategy board games: The current top 3

For those who make quick decisions there is the current top 3 of the best strategy board games here. It is based on Amazon's sales positions. Access the bestsellers and in a few days you will be able to try them out.

# 2 best seller
my first million game Parlor games for adults, investment game board game with stocks, real estate and startups, parlor game adults from 16 years, German version
  • 💹 INVEST: Buy and sell stocks, join a startup or invest in a property.
  • 💹 LEARN ABOUT FINANCE PLAYLY: 300 different playing cards with questions about stocks, real estate and startups expand your financial knowledge with ease.
  • 💹 EARN LIABILITY INCOME: Trade shares on the stock exchange. With a lot of skill and wit, you can become the game's next millionaire.
  • 💹 LEAVE HAMSTER WHEEL: In the My First Million board game, develop strategies that will lead you to prosperity.
  • 💹 SOCIAL GAMES FOR ADULTS: for 2-6 people aged 16 and over. Clear rules, tough competition!
# 3 best seller
JUEGACONMIGO Safari, the game of animals. World animals learning and strategy board game.
  • For the whole family. Learn geography and animals while having fun. 72 animals to discover
  • Instructions and descriptions in 7 languages, Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese
  • FSC-certified, the wood used comes from sustainable and environmentally friendly forests. Does not contain any plastic parts
  • Contains fun and interesting descriptions of each animal
  • Discover the conversation status of any kind

Strategy board games: our recommendations

Apart from the current bestsellers, we have created our personal list of recommended strategy board games. These are classics and some of the most successful titles of modern times.


Your game board represents the world map. You have to conquer the different countries and continents with your army. However, all other players also pursue this goal. Why you have to be careful. Lead your units on a tactical campaign. Only with the right strategy and forward thinking can you conquer the world.

  • Theme: war
  • Number of players: 2 to 5 people
  • Playing time: 60 to 120 minutes
  • Age recommendation: from 10 years on
Hasbro Risk, THE strategy game, board game for the whole family, exciting parlor game, for children & adults, the classic game night
  • The world is not enough: When passionate hobby generals conquer countries, fight battles and wage campaigns during family home evening, then the popular strategy game RISIKO is usually not far.
  • Exciting community game for adults: The lavishly designed strategy game in a nostalgic look also impresses retro fans with detailed game figures, secret mission cards and cardboard boxes as a practical material store.
  • Scope of delivery: 1 x RISIKO, THE strategy game from Hasbro.
  • For 2 to 5 people: Whether mission missions, exciting duels, classic RISK or the turbo variant - every player will find his favorite among the 4 game variants.
  • Strategy meeting with Napoleon Bonaparte: Bring historical battles for world domination to life - only those who combine tactics with skill and a dose of risk will leave the field victorious in the end.


The Second World War has just ended and new governments have to be formed. "Leaders" by rudy games is based on well-known characters such as John F. Kennedy and Konrad Adenauer. The world is being rebuilt and is looking for suitable leaders. A touch of real history is combined with strategic depth.

The specialty: You can achieve victory in different ways. If it doesn't work out with the military, use espionage or another tactic.

  • Theme: war
  • Number of players: 2 to 6 people
  • Playing time: 120 to 180 minutes
  • Age recommendation: from 10 years on
Rudy Games Leaders, interactive strategy game with app, fight for world domination with friends and the whole family, from 10 years, for 2-6 players
  • The game for world domination: Researching secret technologies, forging powerful alliances and constantly mastering new challenges - an exciting strategy game for friends and family
  • Additional game content such as exciting scenarios, secret missions and random events make the game experience even more varied - regular updates provide further challenges
  • Ultimate excitement: every player can use the app to secure resources, choose one of 6 playable nations and recruit a powerful army
  • Unpack and start playing immediately - the instructions are yesterday: At Leaders, the app introduces you to the knowledge game step by step - our WhatsApp support will help with questions and problems
  • Scope of delivery: 1 x Leaders / board game for a game experience with friends and family / From 10 years / For 2-6 players / Playing time: approx. 120-180 minutes / Not suitable for children under 36 months


The publisher "Jumbo Spiele" decided on the new edition of the classic game. The aim is to capture the opponent's flag. Two participants fight a bitter duel on the battlefield. Different units have different options for moving. This creates unique scenarios that require an individual strategy.

Thanks to the Quick Start Guide, children and adults can learn the rules in just a few minutes. Prepare for long-lasting fun and the nasty strategies of your opponent!

  • Theme: war
  • Number of players: 2 persons
  • Playing time: about 45 minutes
  • Age recommendation: from 8 years
Jumbo JUM19496 19496 Stratego Original, colored
  • the new edition of the classic game
  • conquer the enemy flag!
  • with preprinted original game pieces
  • start playing quickly with stratego quick start guide.
  • and quickly learn the ranks and the rules of the game with the secret exercise mission

Buying advice: Find the right strategy board game

Strategy games have a large fan base around the world. Sometimes players have very different requirements. Our buying guide should help you find out which aspects are most important to you.

Number of players

How many people do you usually sit at the same table with for a board game night? The majority of the titles are intended for groups of two to four players. Many a cool strategy board game can also be used by one person. Six or more participants are rather rare. The space requirements and the necessary play accessories for each person also play a role here.

Playing time

If you want to buy a board game online, the estimated playing time is very important. Because you don't yet know all of the rules. Strategy board games are known for their time requirements. The planning and implementation are applied at different speeds by everyone. No wonder, then, when you can read about time spans between 30 and 60 minutes.

If you want children to play, we recommend shorter rounds. If all participants are 16 years of age and older, the game can take more than half an hour. That's how much one should be able to ask of everyone's attention span.

Thematic orientation

In strategy board games you will mostly encounter warlike content. It can be about ancient peoples or modern scenarios in which a war is to be won. Military actions must be planned in such a way that your units / troops reach the main objective first.

Other strategic board games are drifting towards fantasy. So freely invented worlds and stories in which you play the main character. It is not uncommon for a role-play component to be included here.

Classics like "The settlers of Catan" out. Today only as "Catan" known. It is about building settlements and cities. Some new board games are based on this strategic hit.

Age recommendation

The age recommendation should be taken into account so that everyone can enjoy strategic board games equally. Here the developer indicates whether his title is also intended for toddlers and young people or not.

Equipment / packaging

When shopping online, more than just a cover photo should be available. In addition, a comprehensive product description helps to capture the entire content. This allows conclusions to be drawn about how complex the strategy board game is.

Who are strategy board games for?

This depends entirely on the content and rules of the game. Thanks to an abundance of strategy board games, you are spoiled for choice. Perhaps it will help you to proceed according to target groups. Every developer determines who his product is suitable for. This is also how the search results on Amazon & Co can be narrowed down.

Strategy board games for adults

The majority of all strategic board games are aimed at adults. They require a certain understanding of the rules and therefore have higher requirements. The focus is mostly on military scenarios and construction simulations. Little or no importance is attached to the happiness factor.

Strategy board games for adults can take 30, 60 and more minutes to complete a game. Also, you will often need a large table so that all of the components of the game can be arranged.

Strategy board games for kids

Why shouldn't our offspring be encouraged in matters of strategy? Of course, these board games start at a lower level of difficulty. The rules are not quite as complex, but still challenging. Although their age recommendation is 16 or less, adults still get their money's worth. Novel versions like to focus on the cooperative game. Either teams are formed or everyone has to achieve the goal together.

Strategy board games for family

Board games for the whole family should be entertaining, but also a little challenging. Many titles are designed so that one player wins in the end. In recent years, however, the developers have also brought out cooperative board games. Thematically, these are development games and strategy games. Easily understandable rules are important so that the entertaining fun works across generations.

For a certain number of people

Most strategic board games are suitable for 2-4 players. The accessories are equipped accordingly. Figures, chips, etc. are available in different colors. Rarely will you find strategy board games for 6 people. The same applies to Solo board games. But they do exist, so you should look out for them when looking for the latest board game.

From a certain age

It is clear that not every board game is suitable for children. From the age of 16, it is assumed, the understanding of the offspring is largely pronounced. If you want a family-friendly board game for strategists, you should pay attention to the age recommendation.

Level of difficulty

You will rarely find specific information on this. A clue results from the estimated playing time per round. It is printed on many cardboard boxes, but does not necessarily reveal how complex a strategy board game is.

On the other hand, you can identify a demanding level of delivery. If many different playing cards, chips, figures, etc. are included, this indicates a greater challenge.

Otherwise, the reviews on the Internet will make you smarter. Previous buyers sometimes go into how high the requirements are due to the rules and equipment.

Our conclusion on strategy board games: A must in every collection

Among the numerous board game offers, those with strategic aspects are particularly popular. It's the thrill that comes from planning every move. Step by step it goes towards the goal. Strategy board games have a wide range of themes. It can be military scenarios, but also construction simulations. Strategic role-playing games for several people are also in demand.

The level of difficulty varies from family-friendly to challenging. Which is why you should pay attention to the age recommendation. You will find a number of recommendations throughout this guide. There are trendy board games, classics and bestsellers. You can order these directly from Amazon. Have fun with it!

FAQ: Questions and answers about strategy board games

Finally, we summarize the most popular questions about strategic board games and provide appropriate answers.

What are strategy board games and what do they promote?

These are board games that require planning and implementation. Victory is less determined by chance and more by strategic thinking.

Which makes it immediately clear what these board games primarily promote. Namely, acting with foresight. Depending on the title, numerous steps have to be planned in advance. The best example: chess. Countless strategies can be used on the black and white checkered field.

A certain memory performance goes hand in hand with forward thinking. We make plans to beat our opponents. With the exception of cooperative board games, which require cooperation.

What are the best strategy board games of all time?

There is no clear definition for this. An objective opinion is difficult because everyone weights the individual aspects differently. Therefore, you have to decide for yourself what is most important to you in a good board game with strategic components:

  • Easy to learn rules.
  • Complex structure and strategic diversity.
  • Suitable for families or professionals.
  • The theme of the game (war, construction, simulation, etc.)
  • Whether it should be supported by an app.
  • The average playing time. Should it be short, crisp parts or intensive rounds?
  • Do you like extensive equipment with lots of figures, cards, chips, etc.?
  • Should the board game have been awarded by a jury (e.g. game of the year)?

These are just a few criteria. In the search for the best strategy board game, you will find a lot more of it over time. In order to then classify them according to your personal ideas.

Where can I buy used strategy board games?

One thing first: With used board games, you should only consider those options where the content can be checked in advance. So if the online auction or similar does not offer sufficiently detailed photos, stay away from them! You should find what you are looking for regionally and in this way you can always take everything in hand before paying.

The following options for buying used strategy board games are interesting:

  • Take a look at the classifieds of the weekly newspaper. There you may find household resolutions or specific sales of board games.
  • Visit flea markets. These take place at any time of the year. In winter, the dealers move to heated rooms and halls. Pay attention to the advertisements and leaflets.
  • Use classifieds
  • Perhaps a visit to the regional antique dealer will get you there.

Still not found anything? Get active yourself and submit a request to the online advertisements.

Which strategy board games app is recommended?

From our point of view, a board game app can never create the same tension as in a real game. We consider them to be a useful addition, e.g. for couples and good friends. Strategic board game apps can bridge the distance, which cannot always be avoided.

Which mobile applications are recommended initially depends on your operating system. The app must be designed either for iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, Windows Phone or BlackBerry. Then take a look at the respective store and read the reviews of the top rated titles.

In the meantime, many publishers have recognized the trend and programmed their favorite board games as apps. For example, we found the following strategy board games in the Google Play Store:

  • Risk (English version of "Risk")
  • Catan Universe
  • Hive with Ki (placement game for two people)

Where can I find the Strategy Board Games of the Year?

At the game of the year board games are not specifically searched for in order to distinguish them. However, this genre has already won some prizes. The most interesting for you is the category "Expert game of the year". Strategic titles are often represented there.

Which old strategy board games are still worth the money?

We have already mentioned “risk” among our top 3 recommendations. With this title Hasbro made board game history. "Catan" was similarly successful. The basic principle was so popular around the world that various expansion sets and successors were created.

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