Is RSS Anti Common Man

RSS feed


What's this ?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and is not even a new method of providing information on the Internet. A file is loaded from a web server using the HTTP protocol (the same one you use to view this website). Only this file does not contain "HTML" for viewing with a browser, but an XML file with the corresponding content. And it has it all, as the definition of RSS is optimally suited for the distribution of news.

With very little text, if possible without formatting, only the actual information is transmitted, which you can then display.

The web author can manually create the data himself or it is generated automatically from a database or a content management system. I generate the content in the RSS file using a VBA macro that extracts the first ten entries from the directory of changes. The aim is that you as a visitor do not necessarily have to have the website open to be informed about updates.

How can I use this ?

Quite simply: You need a program that gets this information file from time to time on the Internet and displays it accordingly. Such RSS readers are available for all operating systems at different prices. My favorites are:

All of these programs can also tap into multiple sources at the same time and present them to them. So you have your own "newspaper". Simply put together the content that interests you, e.g. the daily news, Heise News and information about viruses.


And then there are the other websites that are written in a diary. For example, you can create a weblog yourself at Here, too, RSS makes sense if readers don't want to keep checking back with their browser, but rather the RSS program simply fetches the data and displays changes when changes occur. For example, you can click on the Exchange BLOG with always stay up to date

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RSS and Exchange

Of course, Microsoft Exchange itself has no support for RSS (yet). But just how easy it is to use RSS with Exchange is shown by some program examples from other people.

Of course, the question arises whether this use is appropriate, but it is conceivable, for example, to access the inbox via RSS in order to receive a preview of new messages, e.g. via Klip Folio.