Did Pablo Escobar do drugs

These 7 examples show how absurdly rich Pablo Escobar actually was

The son of a poor farmer founds his own business and becomes one of the richest men in the world. This is the story of the drug lord Pablo Escobar, whose career inclined viewers can follow in the Netflix series "Narcos".

In some scenes, when Escobar is sitting in front of a gigantic pile of bundles of money, the viewer inevitably wonders whether the series makers have not exaggerated a bit when portraying Escobar's wealth. The answer: You have probably been an understatement.

Because Pablo E. was absurdly wealthy at his best. It is estimated that his fortune could have been $ 30 billion - of course, given the illegal origin of the money, that is not exactly possible. Escobar's very special handling of money, on the other hand, is shown by the following, more well-documented examples.

1. Pablo Escobar made about $ 420 million a week with his Medellin cartel

Projected over the year, that's $ 22 billion (€ 20.2 billion). That made Escobar probably the richest drug lord of all time. At the height of his power, four out of five coke lines sniffed in the United States came from him and his cartel. Escobar's men smuggled a whopping 15 tons of cocaine into the USA every day - and they weren't even particularly careful: the deliveries were flown out of Colombia by plane and either dropped off the coast of Florida or directly in the American state, picked up and transported on.

2. Pablo Escobar lost $ 2.1 billion a year and didn't care

If you control the bulk of the global cocaine trade, the revenues soon take on dimensions that make it impossible to launder all the money (we know that in small ways from Walter White from "Breaking Bad"). Escobar had to hide his money in old warehouses, wall in the houses of cartel members or bury it in fields. He didn't really care that, for example, the rats destroyed part of his money - he didn't know what to do with it anyway. The cartel therefore wrote off around 2.1 billion dollars (1.9 billion euros) per year - for all types of shrinkage.

3. Pablo Escobar spent $ 2,500 a month on rubber bands

Somehow you have to literally pool your money. How many notes were held together with the elastic bands is unfortunately not known.

4. Pablo Escobar was on Forbes' list of the richest people in the world

That was from 1987 to 1993. In 1989, Escobar was even the seventh richest person in the world, according to Forbes.

5.Pablo Escobar once burned two million dollars

But not just like that, but because he was worried about his children. Because while he and his family were hiding in the Colombian mountains, his daughter was threatened with hypothermia. Escobar, on the other hand, did what any good father would do: he made a campfire.

6. Pablo Escobar was known as Robin Hood in Colombia

Because he not only kept his wealth to himself, but also distributed cash to the poor and invested part of his fortune in houses for the homeless and soccer fields for children. He was loved for that.

7. Pablo Escobar built his own prison

In the early 1990s, Escobar offered the Colombian state a deal: he would end the war with the police and the military and go to prison voluntarily. But only in one that he had built himself. And the government accepted the crazy offer: In 1991 Escobar moved to his private prison “La Catedral” and did not have to forego any luxury there: terraces, barbecue areas and a soccer field were part of the equipment. Escobar was also able to continue his business from the prison, allegedly he also allowed cocaine and prostitutes to be sent to prison. In any case, he was allowed to receive visitors whenever he wanted. Perhaps for this reason, too, the prison was so close to another property that he had built for his family.

This article was published by Business Insider in 2019. It has now been reviewed and updated.