Are you a cool aunt

These 9 reasons make me so fond of an aunt

Because you feel all the joy and pride and at the end of the day you just send the cuties back to their parents!

on June 27th, 2017, 5.30 p.m.

Being an aunt is great - sometimes even better than being a mother. Because you feel all the joy and pride, but at the end of the day you just send the children back to their parents.

1. You are always the funny one for the children

Regulate? Not with the cool aunt! There is also the dessert before the main course because we feel like it, we stay up much too long, we get dirty from top to bottom and the aunt doesn't take it too badly when a swear word is uttered. (But don't say mom and dad!)

2. They also know that you always have an ear for their problems

Growing up and growing up is sometimes damn exhausting and confusing: lovesickness, friendship grief, Weltschmerz. And meanwhile, children have to fight one or the other fight with their parents. As an aunt you are open to your ears with a guarantee of confidentiality.

3. Cuddle - with a return guarantee

There's a reason I never changed a diaper until I had kids of my own. As an aunt you sink into "Oh, how cute!" and not in "Damn it, she woke up again". It's the perfect mix of love and (no) responsibility. (How great is life as a grandma!)

4. You can help children understand their parents better

As an aunt, you probably grew up with a parent of your nieces or nephews and know them better than anyone else. This is why you are also able to explain to your children why mom or dad occasionally sneaks out or scolds them.

5. You can help parents understand their children better

You love the children and know them, but you also have some distance from them - and that's precisely why you can straighten out a few things in tense situations.

6. You are an important role model for the children because you are different

For them you are probably a lot cooler than their parents, because, well, mom and dad are just that: mom and dad. And as a cool aunt, you can talk to the kids about sex and drugs without anyone blushing or stammering. Perhaps you live a different life than your parents, exemplify different role models, careers, and love relationships.

7. They tell you things they don't tell their parents

Aunts are like Las Vegas: "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas". Secrets are safe with an aunt.

8. You don't have to take on the responsible part of raising children

Another piece of chocolate, another episode of "Fireman Sam" and staying up a little longer - everything is possible with your aunt!

9. You always have someone to remind you of the child in you

If you don't have any children yourself, your nephews and nieces are sure to be ready with love to take you to the Prater, jump on the trampoline or jump through slag. Then there's ice cream until our stomach hurts. But don't say mom ...