What is the best solar water pump

Solar pump: test & recommendations (05/21)

Our approach

Solar pumps can be used in a variety of ways. Their functionality in mini ponds, streams or as fountains reflects only a fraction of their area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication.

They are a good choice not only visually, but also in terms of sustainability and costs. In contrast to current or battery-operated alternatives, you do not need a power connection and long cables, which interfere with the look.

With our solar pump test 2021 we would like to help you to find the optimal solar pump for your purposes. We have compared solar pumps for water and heating as well as for projects with decorative purposes and listed them as well as advantages and disadvantages.

In this way we would like to accompany you in your purchase decision and make it as pleasant as possible for you.

the essentials in brief

  • A solar pump uses solar energy to fulfill a wide variety of purposes. They are often used in the garden as aeration pump, water feature in the pond or as a watercourse pump. A decisive advantage of this technology is that no power connection is required.
  • A basic distinction is made between solar pumps for irrigation, decorative purposes and heating. Each of these variants is available in different price ranges and with different add-ons.
  • All solar pumps are easy to use, but you should know beforehand what you want to use your solar pump for so that it does not affect its functionality and you can benefit from your solar pump for a long time.

Solar pumps comparison: reviews and recommendations

To help you find a suitable and high-quality solar pump and to guide you through the large selection of solar pumps, we have selected an overview of the best solar pumps for you.

The best all-round solar pump

The all-rounder solar pump from BAONUOR is supplied with different spray heads so that you can choose between different water spray effects. Thanks to the high-quality material and the PET lamination of the solar panel, the solar pump has a long service life.

You can use this solar pump in many ways. It can be used as a fountain, in bird baths or aquariums. In your garden pond, it serves as a solar water pump and ensures both water circulation and oxygen supply.

As a floating fountain, it can decoratively enhance your garden. Its long lifespan also shows that it is perfect if you want to beautify your garden with little work.

Editor's rating:The all-rounder solar pump can be used anywhere in your garden and is easy to use.

The best source stone solar pump

With a button you can easily adjust the flow rate of the Decdeal source stone solar pump. The maximum flow rate is 600 L / H. With this pump you can choose between two water outlet nozzles (0.8 and 1.27 cm) and thus create different water flow effects.

This solar pump can also be used elsewhere, for example as a submersible pump, in aquariums, for fountains and bird baths as well as for watering the garden.

A source stone gives your garden that certain something. The motor is extra quiet, so that the splashing of the water is not drowned out. With this source stone solar pump, you can create a quiet, visually appealing oasis of well-being in your garden to relax.

Editor's rating: The source stone solar pump should be small and easy to hide so that the source stone is always the focus.

The best solar fountain pump

The Esotec fountain solar pump has an output of 1.5 watts. The plastic housing with adjustable bracket and ball joint is made of durable, weather-resistant materials.

This pump has a maximum flow rate of 140 L / H, has a delivery head of 80 cm and is only suitable for fresh water. The pump can be completely disassembled for cleaning without tools.

Realize your vision of a fountain in your garden and, thanks to the various riser pipes and different sprinkler attachments, design it exactly as you have always imagined - and easier than you would have ever thought.

Editor's rating: A fountain solar pump is suitable for you if you want to refine your garden and you still have an unused area that is as sheltered from the wind as possible.

The best LED solar pump

The solar pump with LED from Esotec has a high-quality, weather-resistant aluminum housing with an adjustable bracket and a ball joint. The complete set can be customized with various riser pipes and sprinkler attachments.

The pump is operated with 5 watts and is equipped with a high-quality battery storage 6 volts. The maximum delivery rate is 160 L / H and the maximum delivery height 50 cm. You can completely disassemble the pump for cleaning without tools.

The lighting effects create a wonderful, relaxed atmosphere in the evening and are a real eye-catcher. Imagine that you end the evening on a garden chair and let your gaze wander through your garden. Your gaze will stay on the illuminated fountain and you will enjoy the view - sounds great, what do you think?

Editor's rating:Your project with solar pump and LED comes into its own in the evening and is therefore highly recommended in our opinion if you spend a lot of time in the garden in the evening.

The best irrigation system solar pump

The irrigation system solar pump from Esotec sucks the water from a container, for example a rain barrel, and automatically irrigates your plants twice a day. You can set the watering time manually using a rotary switch.

A water level meter integrated in the water filter switches the system off when the water level is too low. The solar pump is operated with 6 volts and is supported by a rechargeable battery with 3.6 volts. The maximum delivery rate is 26 L / H and the delivery height of the solar pump up to 2 m.

Do you have a big garden or just a lot to do? Then this solar irrigation system pump is just right for you. The plant does the work for you, while you only harvest the fruits or the vegetables - depending on the situation. This complete set comes with 15 sprinklers, so you are well equipped right away.

Editor's rating: This irrigation system is easy to install and - once in operation - hardly requires any work. This way, your plants are well supplied with water, even when you are busy.

The best solar heating pump