What does the symbol 2

What does the symbol on my Aria 2 mean?

symbolimportanceYour weighing is complete. Get off the scales.Your scales haven't finished weighing you. Get back on the scales to complete your weigh-in.Your measurements are similar to those of another user and the Libra is unsure of who you are. If the user icon that appears is yours, tap the right side of the scale with your foot. If the user icon isn't yours, tap the left side of the scale.Your scale connects to your WiFi network.


Your scale is successfully connected to your WiFi network or the scale has completed an update.Your scale could not connect to your WiFi network or could not perform an update. For more information, see Why isn't my Fitbit scale working ?.Your scale will switch to standby mode until you step on it.Your scale is currently being updated. Wait for the process to complete before stepping on it.Your scale is calibrating while it finishes your weighing. Wait until you see your weight before descending.Your weight is unbalanced. Lean or shift your weight in the direction of the arrow.The scale syncs with your Fitbit account.