Why are some Australians against Halal

Hate campaigns against halal food in Australia are getting expensive

Sydney (BZZ) - “Hate campaigns” against Islam and halal food are diminishing Australia's reputation and endangering sales of 13 billion Australian dollars overseas, says one of the country's largest Islamic certifiers. The Australian halal industry has been reluctant to comment on the Senate investigation into Islamic and Jewish food certifications requested by Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi. "It is not acceptable under Australian law to denigrate a race or ethnic origin, but it does seem acceptable to denigrate Islam," wrote Mohammad El-Mouelhy of the Halal Certification Authority Australia (HCAA). “It is against the law to vilify Jews, and it is not politically correct to vilify blacks or homosexuals. But the Muslims can be thrown before the wolves. "

The HCAA indicated that the criticized fee for certification was negligible for the companies. “A poultry slaughterhouse has to pay one cent for every 40 chickens. The company has contracts worth several hundred thousand dollars a month. ”For example, the company“ Bega Cheese ”has increased its sales and number of employees by 500% in the past ten years by securing Halal certification and opening new markets abroad . At a recent Halal Industry Conference in Malaysia, however, it was mentioned that "the Australian market has become unreliable" and that hate campaigns are offending importers. In addition, "many companies including the certifier HCAA needed police protection because of the harassment and death threats." The claim that Sharia should be introduced in Australia is misinformation to instill fear in the people. The "Australian Liberty Alliance" (ALA), which propagates this, is a xenophobic, fascist and anti-Muslim political party. "The ALA, a party styled after the European right-wing nationalist movements, is officially adopted by the Dutch MP Geert Wilders in October to be started.

The Australian Senate will report on the Halal opponents' request on November 30th.

Source: The Guardian Autralia