What are some extrovert problems

ResilienceWho can cope better with working alone in the home office

This factor describes how much someone identifies with what they are doing. When someone sees meaning in what they are doing, when someone receives appreciation and recognition for it, then that inspires and releases new energies.

The home office factor can have a positive effect: A fulfilling, motivating, meaningful task helps people to feel good, to be satisfied and to carry on even under difficult conditions. People can be enthusiastic about work that motivates them and that fills them with meaning - regardless of whether they do this work in the company with colleagues or from home. Those who, on the other hand, were already dissatisfied with their own work and who lacked motivation, meaning and recognition in everyday work anyway - will now have it twice as difficult when working alone at home.

Example: If you are currently denied the work you are enthusiastic about, you absolutely need - regardless of the economic aspect - another, meaningful occupation. A restaurant waiter who loves to chat with guests and make their dining experience pleasant will be frustrated once they are denied that opportunity. However, the motivation can return in other ways if the restaurant sets up an order and delivery service instead. And maybe the involuntarily gained time can be used to do shopping for people from risk groups or for people who have to stay at home and to support them in their everyday lives. In this way, an initially undisputed negative situation is still filled with meaning.