How do you integrate Shopify with MailChimp

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The dispute between Mailchimp and Shopify went back to winter last year. After being temporarily removed from the Shopify App Store for new customers, the next temporary highlight came on March 22nd: Mailchimp will no longer be available in the App Store with immediate effect and from May 12th, when the new Shopify App Store Terms of Use come into force can no longer be used by existing Mailchimp users. For more information on what happened and why, we've written a more detailed blog article.

But what does this mean for Shopify merchants using Mailchimp?

Although the Mailchimp app will no longer be listed and available in the Shopify App Store, this does not mean that you as a Shopify retailer can no longer use the app.

Shopify merchants can still rely on Mailchimp's services until May 12th.

  • After that, the email newsletter registrations are no longer automatically synchronized between Shopify and Mailchimp (even if the customer clicks the subscribe to the newsletter checkbox in the checkout).
  • Customer emails are no longer transferred to Mailchimp. If you as a retailer have set email automations, such as first-time buyer emails, email automations following the purchase, etc., these will no longer be played from May 12th.
  • Customer data is also no longer synchronized. This means: If a customer buys after clicking in the newsletter, the information is no longer stored here. The success of the newsletter campaigns cannot be monitored.

What are the options for Shopify merchants?

There are three options:

  1. Change email provider: There are a number of possible options here. We're big fan of Klaviyo because of the excellent syncing with Shopify. A German alternative would also be Newsletter2Go.
  2. Working with third-party providers: These create a synchronization and data exchange as a kind of middleman between Shopify and Mailchimp. More information on this below.
  3. Changing the shop platform: An option that we view rather critically and would rather advise against it. But also an alternative to continue using Mailchimp.

You can still use the alternative Mailchimp on Shopify

There are still ways in which Mailchimp can still be used: With the help of third-party providers, integration is still possible. Although this will no longer run as smoothly as before, it can still continue to function.

A list & explanation of possible third-party providers for the integration of Mailchimp on Shopify can be found here:

The following programs & solutions are named there as a workaround:

What are the alternatives to Mailchimp for Shopify Merchants as an email marketing program?

Here we will publish a listing shortly.

Do you need support? We can help you in the following ways:

  • Implementation of a third-party workaround
  • Migration and implementation of a Mailchimp alternative:

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