How does the interview process work at CGI

How does a dual study actually work?

1. Write applications

  • For dual study programs, you have to apply one year in advance
  • It is usually also possible to apply to one company for several dual study programs
  • Pay attention to the different application deadlines / application starts of the different companies

2. Go through the application process

  • written test
  • Assessment center
  • personal conversation

The same rules apply to applying for a dual study program as to a good training application. We have the most important tips in our application etiquette

summarized for you. In any case, pay attention to a professional and structured presentation, formulate a meaningful cover letter and attach your relevant certificates and qualifications. Also, take a close look at when the application deadline ends, as companies often plan a year in advance. Often several dual study programs are offered at the same time. If you are interested in different directions, please send more than one application to the same company. Ultimately, however, you can of course only be accepted for one course.

If you were able to convince with your documents, you will be invited to further steps in the application process. It works differently from company to company, but written tests, assessment centers and traditional job interviews are very popular. Prepare yourself well, but don't try to pretend. You can find many guides or free tools on the Internet that give you an idea of ​​what to expect. And then: just be yourself and score with a friendly, open charisma.