What are the best phone tracker apps

Location app: The 3 best free mobile phone location apps in the test

If you lose your phone or want to know where certain people are, a location app is extremely useful. We introduce you to the three best free mobile phone tracking applications for Android and iOS.

Downloading a location app onto your mobile phone has many advantages: On the one hand, it can help if you lose your smartphone and, on the other hand, it tracks children or other loved ones. Because as the saying goes - trust is nice, control is better. We introduce you to the three best free mobile phone tracking applications for Android and iOS.

Familonet - The uncomplicated one

Familonet is a German cell phone tracking app that specializes in the safety of family members and friends. Compared to the alternatives, this app has a practical advantage in particular: You don't have to register via Facebook, email or a telephone number when you Familonet want to use - you can easily create a profile even in anonymous mode. Groups can be easily created in the app that your family or friends can join using a code. After you have defined some locations, you will receive a notification as soon as a member has arrived or left a location. You can see where the members are currently using live tracking (currently unlimited). These activities can be tracked via the history log. The integrated group chat also offers a practical social component.

In the free version, groups (we have created ten groups as a test) can be defined with a maximum of three locations each. If you want more locations, an unlimited history and an alarm button for emergencies, you need a paid premium account. It is sufficient if the group creator has a premium membership. Other members can then also use the features.

  • Can be used without registration
  • Easy to use
  • Chat function
  • free version limited to 3 locations per group

Click here for the location app Familonet:

Find my kids - The parent-friendly

Find My Kids is aimed - as the name already suggests - primarily at concerned parents who always want to know where their children are. With the application you not only see the exact location and movement of your child, but also hear in the environment in which it is currently located. In addition, you will receive notifications if your offspring leaves the zones you have specified or the battery level of the children's mobile phone drops below ten percent. Parents with a particularly strong passion for stalking can look at app usage statistics to see whether the little rascals aren't spending too much time on their mobile phones or playing dangerous games.

You open Find my kids For the first time, the app asks you for the child's device to see it on the map. You can connect either a child's mobile phone or a GPS watch. Confirm access on the child's device. You then have to open the app on the parent's smartphone Chat with parents install or enter the SIM card number in the connected watch. Once everything is set up, the monitoring can start and you can always see where your child is on the integrated map. The disadvantage of the application is that in-app purchases have to be made for some functions.

  • Lots of functions
  • Notifications
  • Usage statistics
  • Full scope only with in-app purchases

Click here for the location app Find My Kids:

iSharing - The diverse one

With iSharing you can share your location information with family members and friends in real time and communicate with each other. To use the free application, you must first connect to your Facebook or Google account and then log in with your phone number. Then it starts: You can see your current location on a clear map and you can add friends so that you know where they are. This is also extremely useful if you have lost your cell phone and your loved ones via iSharing can check where your device is currently located.

The application is also suitable for overprotective parents who want to determine the position of their child so that their offspring is safe. Zones can be set up for this so that the parent receives real-time notifications when the child arrives or leaves school, for example. In addition, iSharing Send text messages so you can communicate directly if your position changes abnormally. We also liked the fact that you can send a panic alarm in the event of an emergency and thus notify other people as quickly as possible. The advertising that keeps popping up at the bottom is a bit annoying. This can only be removed with an update to the premium version, which also has more useful features, such as a map with 3D elements or a location history.

  • Easy to use
  • Panic alert
  • Real-time notifications
  • advertising
  • Full functionality only with in-app purchases

Click here for the location app iSharing:

Conclusion - our test result

Our app test has shown: Every tracking app presented here makes "stalking" child's play. In this way you always have an eye on where other family members and friends are, for example. Even if you've lost your mobile phone, the applications prove to be very useful, as others can use the app to check the position of your device and you can find it again quickly. They are especially suitable for this iSharing and Familonet, because the link with other people and groups works particularly well here and handling is extremely easy. Familonetcan even be used anonymously without an account.Find My Kids, on the other hand, is primarily aimed at concerned parents who want to monitor their children. The drawback with all three applications is that the full range of functions must first be purchased.