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Promote Book: Marketing Tips for BOD Authors - Part 1

We are in the world of writing. There is no sun, it is dark, and everyone tries to light their little match with trembling hands. Not easy.

The purpose of this metaphor is to help you understand how difficult it is for freelance amateur and professional authors to draw attention to themselves and their work.

Whoever writes a book, in most cases also hopes for a satisfactory paragraph - whereby "satisfactory" is understood differently here from person to person.

But just writing and publishing is not enough. Because how is the world supposed to know that you wrote the book for which the said world has longingly been waiting?

In my three-part etiquette guide for writers - especially the "Book on Demand" authors - I record the most important points in the area of ​​book promotion and briefly mention the pros and cons of the individual methods.

Online marketing for BOD authors

Online marketing is the promotion of a product using internet technology. Many of these methods are already known, and some are often underestimated or overestimated. Decide for yourself which method is the right choice for your book.

1. Advertising mail by email

If you have a large circle of friends, you can email all your contacts about your new book with a single click of the mouse. E-mails can be sent either as plain text or as an HTML file in which you can include additional graphics. Thanks to the “CC” or “BCC” function of every e-mail client, you only need to send your advertising e-mail once to reach all of the addressees.

But be careful! It can quickly happen that you receive a letter of complaint back that says »Delete my e-mail address from your mailing list immediately and do not send me any further spam mail!" Spam is unsolicited advertising via e-mail and a good reason to be effective in the face of constant harassment. Therefore, a cautious signature including a link to your website is usually suitable.

2. Advertising in Internet forums

On the Internet, thousands upon thousands of users cavort in countless forums that deal with a wide variety of topics. Depending on your area of ​​interest, you can draw attention to your book here. A detailed book presentation with the book cover and all the data is appropriate and welcome, especially in an authors' forum. If the forum offers a signature function for your contributions, you can set a link to an external page here where you can advertise your book in more detail.

Here it is important to appear discreet so as not to block, disturb or even interrupt what is happening in the forum. We strongly advise against a book presentation of your sci-fi novel in the closed forum of a Catholic youth community. Do you understand my train of thought ...?

3. Advertise with your own website

One of the most effective and stable ways to promote your book online is by having your own website. Adapt your website to your work, so you offer the visitor a clear insight into your work. If your publisher offers the option of creating an author's résumé on its server, you should also use this method.

Blogs (weblogs) differ somewhat from a traditional website, as the operator can keep his information up-to-date thanks to the article function without having to attach great importance to the design. The focus here is on the clear arrangement of the pages and the cataloging and archiving of all articles.

But you also have to draw attention to websites. Search engines can find you, but do keyword searchers also find your website? The following applies here: the more clicks, the sooner it will be found. For this reason, the method of your own website can be easily combined with other measures, e.g. the networking of individual websites. But even here you can quickly miss the target if you set too many links and it becomes confusing.

4. Write press releases

You can reach an even larger number of potential customers by writing press releases. Press releases are advertising texts that are generally geared towards the public interest.

Creativity and a talent for combination are required here, because not every press release is published by the relevant portals - an Internet search yields dozens of results.

Combine your book advertising with current topics, if the content of your book allows it. But it doesn't work without personal contact details.

You have to leave your name, address and telephone number for every press release in order to be able to answer any queries.

Some people may not like this, and so they renounce the broad mass and the archive of the worldwide network, in which one can still be found years later.

5. Reviews in online stores

Nowadays, if a reader likes or dislikes a book, he or she can trumpet his opinion into the world. All that is required is registration in an online shop and the technical requirements of the provider to be able to write a review. Reviews can have a positive or negative impact on sales.

For example, readers of the reviews on Amazon can even express their opinion in a comment. There are even forums where you can discuss individual products with total strangers. The option of your own video review is also available from some providers, including Amazon.

6. Book trailer

Speaking of videos, there is still the method of drawing attention to your product with a book trailer. A book trailer is a video clip with all the important information about the product that is being advertised. This marketing method is relatively new and is already used extensively by major publishers. Instructions for creating and promoting a book trailer can be found here: "Instructions: Creating and marketing a book trailer" (Link).

7. Paid alternatives

Finally, for the sake of completeness, the chargeable alternatives that are piling up in the network should be mentioned. Google AdWords is probably a pioneer in this area. With this ad system, your ad will be displayed on relevant pages in a Google search. Thanks to Google AdSense, these ads can then also be integrated into other websites.

Other offers such as paid banners, e-mail advertising or reference cards on partner sites also exist. A search in one of the many online search engines will yield far more results on this topic.

Conclusion for part I.

Online marketing has one great advantage: for the most part, the measures are free. With relatively little effort, you can therefore reach the whole world with just a few clicks of the mouse. But here, too, you have to be able to stand out from the crowd. This is also the disadvantage of the Internet: the amount of information is far greater than in reality.

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By Thorsten Boose

Thorsten Boose