What things are illegal in the US

Crazy: Things are banned in the US

Different countries, different laws. Still, the US is a prime example of the most absurd regulations and prohibitions.

Some things are absurd in the USA - also apart from the controversial new US President Donald Trump. When it comes to laws, too, the USA is showing a lot that is not necessarily worth emulating. The best-known case is certainly the ban on surprise eggs. But there is more. See for yourself ...

It is illegal to carry ice in your ass pocket in Alabama. It runs down your spine, doesn't it?

In Indiana, men are not allowed to be sexually aroused in public. The poor adolescents and their uncontrolled spontaneous excitement ...

In Connecticut, pickles must be able to jump to count as pickles. Hmmm ... that means there are no pickles there. But that was just a guess on our part.

Gargling in public is certainly not the fine English way in this country either. In Louisiana it is forbidden.

Anyone who paints sparrows in Michigan and then sells them as parrots is a criminal offense. Since this law actually exists, it has apparently come this far before. There are things ...

In Fairbanks, residents cannot allow moose to mate on the street. We can only think of the following in the truest sense of the word: WTF? !! ???

Single, divorced and widowed women are not allowed to parachute on Sundays and public holidays.

Couples in love in Baltimore have to be careful. It is illegal to kiss openly for more than a second. Such a cheese.

In Coeur d’Alene, sex in the car is a criminal offense. But that's not all: Police officers who catch the "perpetrator" in the act actually have to honk their horns before being arrested and then wait three minutes.