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The perfect appearance - In the social media can't you avoid it! Social media are far from being a decorative accessory in the digital world marketing more, but essential for the image and reach of Companies. Successful social media managers have mastered the tightrope between advertising, PR and customer-oriented communication. Do you know what it's for SMM really matters to convert followers into new customers?


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Social Media: Today's Marketing for Businesses

Once the digital round tables for friends and family are social media now far more than that. Many Companies have recognized the potential of digital networks and use these platforms to reach their target groups.


What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing (SMM for short) is a form of online marketing in which social media such as Facebook and Twitter are used strategically to communicate company messages, to interact with target groups and to generate visitors for your own website.


Social media marketing suitable for companies of all sizesin order to expand their level of awareness, to build and strengthen their own brand and, ultimately, to expand their reach through targeted content and to win potential customers.

However, it is not enough to focus on Facebook, Twitter and Co. Create a nice profile, post something every now and then and wait for the big rush of interested parties. For a successful Media marketing What is needed is a strategy that corresponds as closely as possible to the interests and needs of the respective buyer persona.



Why is social media marketing indispensable?

Hand on heart, who is still impressed by screaming advertising banners today? Many of us perceive such offensive advertising campaigns at best as a decorative facade in the cityscape. Last but not least, this oversaturation has induced the marketing industry to take other paths and rely on attracting instead of pressing on: inbound marketing is the magic word.

That also falls into the concept of this marketing strategy Social media marketing. Because on the social platforms, people are ideally the focus, not the products.

As Companiesthat wants to assert itself in online marketing, it is important to establish a communicative line to those users who best suit their own brand or who have a real need for their own products or services. And without annoying frontal offers.

You don't have time for that? Then automate your social media campaigns:

Will you succeed in the social media the balancing act between authentic communication and targeted content marketing, you can win numerous potential customers without breaking your marketing budget.

For sustained success, however, you should Define specific goals that you want to achieve with your social media marketing.


Realistic goals in social media marketing

Before you develop a strategy for your social media marketing, you should make it clear which goals are on this path for Companies are realistic at all. Because one thing in advance: The direct sale of products in social networks is probably not! Instead, the focus is on "softer" milestones that serve to build branding and customer loyalty.

According to a study by the German Institute for Marketing Research (DIM), the most popular goals for companies are in SMM marketing

  • Increasing awareness of your own brand or products
  • Image improvement of your own brand or product
  • Support of online marketing goals
  • Acquisition of new customers
  • Dialogue with customers
  • Customer loyalty


Given the abundance of social media In the vast expanse of the Internet, many companies are unsure which platform they should use for their own purposes. All? Or just a few?



Which social media do companies really need?

Most of the internet users have of the various social networks from Facebook to Xing at least heard if you don't actively use them yourself. When it comes to the core of all those digital communication channels, however, there is growing confusion.


What is social media?

Social media (German social media) are digital networks that serve to communicate, inform and disseminate opinions among users on the Internet. In addition, social media can be accessed from Companies can be used for image cultivation and reach strengthening.


If you have a Companies If you are a leader or a marketer, you should find out which social networks are preferred by your target group and focus your actions on a few instead of half-heartedly trying to get involved on all fronts.


When choosing a specific social network, ask yourself:

  1. Is it used regularly by my target group?
  2. Can this be used to achieve my corporate goals?
  3. Does it correspond to the desired image of my company?
  4. Is the technical and time expenditure realistic?
  5. What about legal certainty?


According to the DIM study mentioned above, the frequency of use gives a clear indication of which social media should definitely be part of marketing and which should be neglected.

  • GOT TO: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Blogs, XING, LinkedIn
  • CAN: Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Vimeo, live chat, user and discussion forums, own communities, podcasts, slideshare, wikis, Kununu
  • MAY: Tumblr, Flickr, Yelp, Snapchat, Social Bookmarkings

Take a special place among the individual channels XING and LinkedIn because these two digital networks are specifically aimed at the B2B sector. It is the same with Twitter in German-speaking countries.

The giant from the very beginning offers a particularly large number of options for its own marketing: Facebook!


Example: Facebook Marketing

If you ask XY about social media, a network will almost certainly always come first. Facebook! Last but not least, the Zuckerberg empire now offers gimmicks that not only increase the entertainment value, but also offer companies various options for effectively placing their messages.

The basis for marketers is of course that Facebook company page. Here you can not only stage your brand in the form of images, text and video, but also communicate with your potential customers and turn them into real fans. To do this, however, you have to hit their nerve with your content and your address in order to guide them to your website and thus to your specific offer.

Don't forget: Facebook is a social network that is all about communicating with each other!

What you can do for your brand and building your community on Facebook, among other things:

  • Create posts for your target group with added value.
  • Comment on user contributions and answer questions from your prospects.
  • Create variety through different formats (e.g. pictures, videos, surveys).
  • Make sure that your posts are timed correctly according to the activity of your target group.
  • Get active for the visibility of your brand in groups that fit your product.
  • Use Facebook Ads to increase your reach.
  • Measure your success and, if necessary, optimize your strategy with the help of regular social media monitoring.



Video: Dive Deeper into Facebook Marketing



Social media have become an indispensable part of our everyday life. A fact that companies should heed if they want to survive in digital marketing. For sustainable Social media strategy however, sensitivity is required. Class instead of mass! Instead of being more poorly than fairly present on all existing channels, you should concentrate your resources on those platforms that can really bring you closer to your company goals. Keep an eye on your key figures as well as trends and innovations.


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