How do you explain the tensor to beginners

Information on the ecotensor


The simple testing of allergens, aura, Bach flowers, chakras, foods,
Schüßler salts, precious stones, home poisons, medicines, homeopathic remedies and much more.

The ecotensor is an aid (and / or antenna) to make unconsciously perceived energies visible to us.With the ecotensor, a displayed oscillation clearly shows what our body (pretended as a measuring device) actually expresses or perceives energetically.


"Man in himself, insofar as he makes use of his healthy senses, is the greatest
and the most precise physical apparatus there can be, and that is the greatest disaster in modern physics, that experiments have been separated from humans, as it were, and only with what artificial instruments show can we recognize nature, indeed what they can do can, thereby restricting and trying to prove ".
Johann Wolfgang Goethe

For many people, use is one Tensor a A matter of course become.
You can with his Help easily the digestibility or tolerance of
Food, the effectiveness of Bach flowers, homeopathic applications
and Healing stones or the proper functioning of the Energy flows test in the body.
The tensor is an ideal tool to find the right drug to find, especially
but you can test allergens, which are already among the most common causes of disease in our time, and Aura and chakra work support. With the ecotensor you can also easily test and find the right Feng Shui tools and measures.

The Ökotensor is a one-handed rod, consisting of a cork handle, a 24 carat
gold-plated vibrating wire with a weight (wood and / or metal ring) on ​​his
End that allows the wire or antenna to vibrate faster.
In principle, the ecotensor can be used as a practical further development of the classic pendulum
be considered. However, the position of the handle (the whole hand
the cork handle) and the length of the antenna lighter, more professional and, above all, safer
can be used in the hit rate.

The special thing about the eco-tensor
The ecotensor is very sensitiveso that even beginners can work with it without any problems.
Since exclusively Natural materials used, it is very light and consumed
through the cork insulation (handle) and through the gold-plated antenna little self-energy. Also
to use with Therapy devices (e.g. bioresonance devices) was thought. A
The connection in the handle of the tensor enables a flexible connection to the devices or the scanning sensor.

Just like with the pendulum, yes / no questions can be answered by means of an oscillation with the
Easily answer ecotensor, as well as display and vibration patterns and polarities
Find blockages, energy congestion and organic weak points easily.
A classic, simple use of an eco-sensor is Reference test, in which the individual tolerance of food, medication, Bach flowers and much more.
can be tested. A detailed instruction manual is included and explains the
first steps.
Further detailed instructions for practical work for your use are provided
in the book "Work with tensors"(Can be ordered via the shop).
With many illustrations and examples it is shown how to use the tensor to
Agents and allergens are correctly assessed and fine energy flows are recognized and evaluated.
For everyone who would like to "practice" more or have specific questions answered,
in order to intensify the possible uses, the company META-PRODUKTE offers a
One dayseminar to .. If you are interested, please call us:
089/9305477 or send us an email.

Further information on the structure and the different models depending on the application
area can be found in the shop category> Tensors.