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A Guide to Technical SEO Advice

Great online content is the key to success with SEO, but without the technical search engine optimization to get the content to the right readers, you run into unwanted obstacles.

Technical SEO comprises all elements of an SEO strategy that take place “behind the scenes” and have to do with the search algorithm in a direct way.

For the successful implementation of a technical SEO strategy, however, many things have to be considered, which is why working with a professional SEO consultant for technical search engine optimization is a good idea.

6 things a technical SEO consultant can help you with

No matter what services you use, your goal is most likely always to help your business grow.

Working with a professional SEO consultant is of course associated with certain expectations.

A technical consultant also takes care of optimizing your website and your content. The main goal here is to optimize the user experience, to communicate efficiently with the search algorithm and to achieve a better ranking for certain keywords.

Working with an SEO consultant should have two main consequences:

  1. More traffic - Optimizing your website and your content leads to better rankings for certain keywords. In some cases, a placement on the first page of search results or the first five search positions is conceivable, which in turn leads to more traffic. This traffic is of higher quality and stays on your website longer because users are considering your products, which is due to aspects such as faster loading speeds and mobile-friendliness.
  2. More customers - More traffic and better rankings for targeted keywords lead to more customers, so technical SEO has a direct impact on your sales.

To get these results, the technical SEO consultant needs to analyze your current SEO strategy to find any problems.

The consultant then focuses on optimizing the following elements:

1) Loading speed

The loading speed of your website is the most important element of your SEO strategy, both from the point of view of the users and the search algorithms.

If your website loads for longer than four seconds, you will lose a lot of users during this time and have a higher bounce rate.

The search engine interprets the user bounce as a bad user experience and downgrades the ranking of your website accordingly.

A technical SEO consultant takes care of the optimization of your image files, fixes problems in the source code of the page and other elements that have a negative effect on the loading speed of your website, and in this way improves your loading times.

2) Optimizing the design

The layout and visual appearance of your website are also important, and it must be easy to navigate. Imagine visiting a website that is plain text, with no images. You would probably close the page again in a moment.

Length of stay is the time the user spends on your website and an important performance indicator. An optimized design and a well thought-out navigation increase the length of time your website visitors stay.

A consultant for technical search engine optimization also takes care of the design of your website and ensures that all elements such as image names and alt texts are optimized accordingly.

3) R.esponsive web design

Since users increasingly access the Internet with mobile devices, you need a responsive web design that automatically adapts to different screen sizes, because this factor has a major impact on your ranking.

Since the responsive design always adapts to the user's screen, they can easily access your content with any device.

The consultant does not implement the responsive design, that is the job of a developer, but he will carry out a website check to find out which areas of your website are not displayed optimally.

4) meta tags

The different areas of your website have to be summarized for display in search engines. This information is stored in so-called meta tags (these can usually be found in the upper part of the source text). The meta tags contain the following information:

  • Description - The description contains summarizing information about your site and must convince the user of the click. A consultant will help you optimize your text to increase the click-through rate and will place relevant keywords in the description.
  • Title - The title is the heading of the respective page or the content. The title must contain a strategic keyword in order to achieve a good ranking.
  • Robots Tag - The robots tag tells the search engine whether your site should be crawled and indexed. Not every page has to or should be indexed (for example in the case of duplicated content), as it can negatively affect the ranking.

5) Link optimization

A technical SEO consultant will also make recommendations on your link strategy. There are four important things that will affect your results.

  • Broken Links - Search engines can penalize you for broken links. This problem can be fixed quickly by simply replacing the broken links. Your SEO consultant will take care of this task.
  • Internal links - The internal link structure also has an impact on the ranking of your pages. Your consultant will take care of the optimization of your website structure and better organize your content.
  • External links - Your website needs to have enough external links from credible websites with relevant information to rank well.
  • Anchor texts - A technical SEO consultant will also take care of optimizing your anchor texts by reducing URL links and providing relevant texts with a hyperlink instead. In this way, it gives the search algorithm additional context and improves the user experience.

6) Page structure

The structure of your pages is another important SEO factor, especially in the case of long-form content, i.e. long blog posts and articles. An SEO consultant analyzes the following elements of the page structure:

  • Headlines - With headings and sub-headings, you can provide search engines with important clues about the content of your page. For this purpose, H1, H2 and H3 tags are set, and each heading is optimized with relevant keywords.
  • Featured Snippets - A technical SEO consultant formats your content and uses lists or bullets that can be displayed in a highlighted snippet in search results on Google. Google already provides the user with the most important information on the search results page, so that the user often no longer has to click.

What working with a technical SEO consultant looks like

Working with a professional SEO consultant usually consists of three phases.

Phase 1: The preparation

In the preparation phase you have to collect information so that the consultant can do his job later. You should prepare and provide the following things for the advisor:

  • The consultant needs access to your website.
  • Timing is also important. Startups and young companies are more likely to benefit from marketing advice.
  • Familiarize yourself with the basics of technical SEO. You need a certain basic understanding in order to be able to make the right decisions later and to understand the recommendations of your advisor.
  • You have to set yourself firm goals. What are your expectations and what do you hope for from your technical SEO strategy? Would you like to appear in the search results for certain keywords or would you like better positions in the local search results?

Phase 2: The technical SEO audit

The consultant first carries out a complete website check in order to be able to evaluate the current status of your SEO. Here are the most important aspects of a technical SEO exam:

  • The use of professional tools such as Ubersuggest enables more targeted optimization. The program identifies SEO errors that are damaging your website, e.g. B. broken links, 404 error pages or too high a keyword frequency.
  • The evaluation and optimization of other factors such as the website structure, sitemap or the deletion of irrelevant content are also important.
  • Improving the user experience is critical as bad experiences have a negative impact, so elements such as pop-ups, loading speed and page navigation are analyzed.

Phase 3: Optimizing the technical SEO

The technical SEO consultant will fix the technical errors of your website and optimize certain elements as necessary.

  • If a redesign is necessary, the SEO consultant will help you create a mobile-friendly and responsive website.
  • The reduction of the image files optimizes the loading times of your website.
  • Your content must also be checked and, if necessary, optimized. Pay particular attention to structure, links and meta tags.

This is how you determine the ROI of technical SEO consulting

As a managing director or marketer, you need to be able to determine the return on investment ROI of technical SEO consulting.

It's not that easy at all, because the results of things like web design or web development are difficult or often impossible to measure directly.

However, the following performance metrics will provide you with guidelines to help determine your marketing performance.

  • Better rankings - Technical SEO is the foundation of your website. Optimizing the technical aspects of your SEO strategy therefore leads to better rankings, as your content is geared towards relevant keywords.
  • Longer residence time - Faster loading times, better navigation and an optimized page structure invite users to linger longer. They spend more time on your website and don't jump off immediately, which decreases the bounce rate.
  • More customers - The combination of all factors of technical search engine optimization should ultimately bring you more paying customers.

Still, don't forget that technical SEO is not a marketing strategy. SEO is more of a catalyst than a marketing channel.

Checklist to help you find the ideal technical SEO consultant

If you want to use the services of a technical SEO consultant, you should check the following things before signing a contract:

1) Client list - Check with which customers and companies the consultant has already worked. Are there any well-known companies? What do the websites of its customers look like? Are there any indications of tangible results? You should also consider whether the SEO strategy of the consultant's clients could be transferred to your own situation. For example, are they all major customers who want to appear in search results for highly competitive general keywords, or are they local businesses?

2) Additional services offered - A technical SEO consultant should of course not only offer technical SEO, but also additional services such as content marketing, analysis or other forms of search engine optimization. A consultant with experience in other areas of digital marketing will be better able to develop a comprehensive SEO strategy and then combine it with technical SEO for maximum results.

3) Employees / team - Also analyze the team or employees of the SEO consultant and check their professional experience and specialization. The most important thing is the combination of specialist knowledge and the pursuit of emerging trends, as search engines like Google are constantly updating their algorithms. You need a consultant who trains regularly.

4) Technology - Also check whether the consultant has his own platform or application. Examples of this are for example Ubersuggest, SEMRush and Moz. In this case, you not only get the benefits and information of the program, you can also be sure that your consultant has the necessary technical knowledge to optimize your website.


Technical SEO can be very complicated, which is why many entrepreneurs are quickly overwhelmed. In addition, search engines like Google are constantly changing the rules of the game.

Working with a professional consultant for technical SEO makes perfect sense because he is familiar with the latest trends and can optimize your website accordingly.

But don't forget that technical SEO is just part of your holistic SEO strategy.

Optimizing your website is important, but great content, a positive customer experience and social media traffic are still important factors.