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Two in a million

Two out of millions are Felix Räuber and Eva Croissant. The two musicians were already active in the music business before the band was founded and are now venturing into a new project together. At two in a million, electro pop meets a soulful acoustic voice. This interesting mixture provides the basis for particularly stirring music.

Eva croissant is a thoroughbred musician and has been living off music for several years after dropping out of school for her dream. The singer and songwriter became known in Germany in 2012 when she participated in the second season of The Voice of Germany. She performed with her song A heart carries rocks as well as their cover version of the song You or I from their album, which was released shortly before the show. Although she didn't win, the songs made it into the German charts. The young songwriter continues to write her own songs and will release her second album in May 2018.

Felix Robber became the singer of the band Arctic Circle 18 known. The pop group was founded in Dresden in 1997, but did not release their self-produced debut album until 2007. While the musicians initially played punk and metal, they later turned to a mixture of pop, synth-pop, post-rock and indietonic. Their breakthrough came in 2008 with the single Alone alone


After separating from Arctic Circle 18it was quiet for a long time Felix robbers. He needed time to figure out where his musical journey was going. During this creative break, the idea of ​​two in a million arose. However, this in a modified form, because at the beginning the duo consisted of Felix and a songwriter Jovanka von Wilsdorf. As a creative pulse generator, she still writes the lyrics and composes the music for the band.

The two quickly realized that a second voice could give the lyrics more weight and brought Eva on board. The interesting thing about this duo is that Eva and Felix come from completely different musical directions. Before that, Felix sang in English. In his previous songs, the sound was more important than the text. It was about the big staging on the stage. With Eva, however, the text and the acoustics are in the foreground and she is breaking completely new territory with two out of millions.

Despite the differences, their two voices harmonize perfectly and give their listeners German-language electro-pop with a certain depth. The multi-faceted and demanding texts create a mental cinema that raises questions about life and some of the answers at the same time.


According to the singers, their album, which they released last year, is a soundtrack to life in a digital world. It's about how to manage not to drown in the abundance of possibilities. It's about arranging and processing the unbelievable coexistence in order to find out who you are yourself. It's about finding your own identity.

The topics are life 2.0, digital surveillance, but at the same time also the freedom that Felix already has Arctic Circle 18Times was dear to the heart. The song, for example, is about this feeling of freedom and dancing To your freedom. The two singers praise the human ability. They suggest that everyone has a talent and everyone can and should pursue their dreams and goals:

On your freedom and on you
on your truth
that is always in you
on your doubt
that makes you think further
on the thoughts
exceed the limits
and freedom
to become who you are
on your will
not to give up your dream

In another song Man made of glassit is about transparency and the exchange of data between people today. It was Felix who read about the transparent human being and asked himself what perception does a digital being get when it looks at humanity completely freely? The song is the result of implementing this vision with the support of Jovanka.

Both he and Eva make the songs their own, albeit in different ways. Felix does this by helping with the production of the lyrics. Eva in turn sets her personal note through her clear and fragile voice.

The special thing about Two Out of Millions is that the two singers embody the digital being, as well as the people he is looking at, and represent them from both a female and a male perspective. They bring their listeners from reality to utopia and back again and show that these two dimensions are not that far apart.

You face the challenges of today, creating a modern, but also true view of the world. This is also very optimistic, because despite all technical developments, the focus is on people. He faces the same problems, but also shares the same joys as his predecessors before the digital revolution.

Two out of millions is a lovingly designed pop album with something for everyone: calm and thoughtful songs, as well as upbeat songs to dance to.


2017: Two in a million