Why is death an eternal secret

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No. 1

What you have deep in your heart
cannot be lost through death.

(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)


Z 2

The more beautiful and full the memory
the harder the separation is.
But the gratitude transforms
the agony of memory in a silent joy.
You wear the past beautiful
not like a sting
but like a precious gift in itself.

(Dietrich Bonhoeffer)


Z 3

Separation is our lot
See you again is our hope.
As bitter as death is
he cannot separate love.
He is divorced from life
but not from our life;
because how can we think him dead
who lives so vividly in our heart!



Z 4

Who lives in the memory of his loved ones,
it is not dead, it is only distant;
Only those who are forgotten are dead.

(Immanuel Kant)


Z 5

Hope is the rainbow
over the falling brook of life.

(Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche)


Z 6

Life is like a dream.
Death is the awakening from this dream.

(Arthur Schopenhauer)


Z 7

We always hope, and in all things
it is better to hope than despair.

(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)


Z 8

I believe,
that when death closes our eyes
we stand in one light
from which our sunlight
only the shadow is.

(Arthur Schopenhauer)


Z 9

Those least fear death
whose life is most valuable.

(Immanuel Kant)


Z 10

The memory is the only paradise
from which we cannot be driven out.

(Jean Paul)


No. 11

What good is a person
gives out into the world
is not lost.

(Albert Schweitzer)


Z 12

Who knows
whether life is not being dead
and dead his life?



Z 13

Nobody knows death
nobody knows
whether he is not the greatest gift
is for humans.



Z 14

She is now free
and our tears
wish her luck.

(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)


Z 15

We're of the same stuff
that dreams are made of
and our short life is embedded
into a long sleep.

(William Shakespeare)


Z 16

The only important thing in life
are the traces of love that we leave behind
if we leave without being asked
and have to say goodbye.

(Albert Schweitzer)


Z 17

By gracious powers so wonderfully sheltered
we confidently await what may come.
God is with us in the evening and in the morning
and certainly every new day.

(Dietrich Bonhoeffer)


Z 18

The most beautiful monument
that a person can get
stands in the hearts of his fellow men.

(Albert Schweitzer)


Z 19

But if death is, as it were, emigration
from here to another place,
and if what you say is true
that all who have died are there
what greater happiness could there be than this?



Z 20

And my soul tensed
spread their wings
flew through the silent lands
as if she was flying home ...

(Joseph von Eichendorff)


Z 21

Our faith in God determines
How we cope with our broken dreams
He gives us the conviction
that beyond temporal life
eternal life reigns.

(Martin Luther King)


Z 22

Few people are really alive
and those who are never die.
It does not matter that you are not here anymore.
Nobody you really love is ever dead.

(Ernest Hemingway)


Z 23

Love is stronger than death
and the horrors of death.
Love alone sustains
and moves our life.

(Ivan Turgenev)


Z 24

Our life is the river
that pours into the sea,
which is called "dying".

(Federico Garcia Lorca)


Z 25

Our dead are not absent
but only invisible.
They look with their eyes full of light
in our eyes full of sadness.



Z 26

One must be careful
to rummage in memories
to surrender to them,
how to get a precious gift too
not looked at all the time,
but only at special hours
and otherwise it's just like a hidden treasure,
of which one is certain one owns;
then there is a constant joy and strength
from the past.

(Dietrich Bonhoeffer)


Z 27

The bonds of love
are not cut through with death.

(Thomas Mann)


Z 28

Who crosses a river
must leave one side.

(Mahatma Gandhi)


Z 29

To die is not to be separated forever;
there is a reunion on a brighter day.

(Michael Faulhaber)


Z 30

Hope is like a ray of sunshine
that penetrates a sad heart.
Open it wide and let it in.

(Friedrich Hebbel)


Z 31

There may be a funeral among people
a wedding feast among angels.

(Khalil Gibran)


Line 32

Maybe love also means learning
to let someone go
know when to say goodbye.
Don't let our feelings
stand in the way
which is probably better for them in the end
we love

(Sergio Bambaren)


No. 33

... and at the end of my journey
the Eternal holds his hands
and he waves and smiles softly -
and the journey is over.

(Matthias Claudius)


Z 34

How beautiful it must first be in heaven
when it looks so beautiful from the outside!

(Astrid Lindgren)


Z 35

One morning you do not wake up.
The birds sing as they sang yesterday.
Nothing changes this new course of the day.
Only you left.
You are free now
and our tears wish you luck.

(J. W. Goethe)


Line 36

When someone tells you
that the soul passes together with the body and that
what is once dead will never come back,
tell him: the flower perishes,
but the seed remains and lies before us,
mysterious, like the eternity of life.

(Khalil Gibran)


Line 37

You who loved me so
don't look at life
that I finished
but on that
which I start.

(Aurelius Augustine)


Line 38

Shining days.
Don't cry that it's over.
Smile that she has been!



Z 39

Death is the gateway to light
at the end of a path that has become arduous.

(Francis of Assisi)


Z 40

Let the candles burn warm and bright today
that you brought into our darkness.
Bring us together again if it can be!
We know that your light shines in the night.

(Dietrich Bonhoeffer)


Z 41

If a person brings a little more love and kindness,
there was a little more light and truth in the world,
his life had meaning.

(Alfred Delp)


Z 42

Nothing is more certain than death
nothing is more uncertain than its hour.

(Anselm of Canterbury)


Z 43

Death is the side of the whole that is turned towards us,
the other side of which is called resurrection.

(Romano Guardini)


Z 44

What we radiate into the world
the waves that emanate from our being
this is what will remain of us
when our being has long since passed.

(Viktor E. Frankl)


Z 45

The most precious human legacy
is the trace that his love
in our hearts.

(Albert Schweitzer)


Z 46

Nobody is gone whom you love.
Love is an everlasting presence.

(Stefan Zweig)


Z 47

Life is like snow
You cannot keep it.
The consolation is that you were there
Hours, months, years.

(Herman van Veen)


Z 48

The best way to love something:
Realize that you can lose it.

(Gilbert Chesterton)


Z 49

You are not dead, you just change rooms.
You live in us and go through our dreams.



Z 50

How long I live is out of my power;
that as long as I live
really live, that depends on me.



Z 51

You lived full of courage.
Fought bravely against your disease.
You lost the fight with dignity.

(Sabine Coners)


Z 52

You live twice: the first time in reality,
the second time in memory.

(Honore de Balzac)


Line 53

Everything that is beautiful
stays beautiful too,
even if it wilts.
And our love remains love
even if we die.

(Maxim Gorki)


Line 54

In a sense, death is an impossibility
which suddenly becomes reality.

(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)


Z 55

The thought of death leaves me in complete peace.
It's like the sun:
We see them sinking on the horizon
but know that it seems to continue "over there".

(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)


Z 56

Nobody is asked when it is okay with them
To say goodbye to people
Habits, yourself.
At some point suddenly it is necessary to deal with it
to bear it, to accept it,
this pain of dying
this collapse in order to set out again.

(Margot Bickel)


Z 57

Death is never final.
There is always the memory
to a generous heart,
to open hands,
to watchful eyes.

(Paul Eluard)


Z 58

We have come a long way together.
Our way of life had curves
it went uphill and sometimes downhill.
But it was always a way of love.

(Sabine Coners)


Line 59

Nobody knows the path that you have in front of you.
Nobody has ever gone like this
how you will go it.
It is your way.

(Ulrich Schaffer)


Z 60

A year to mourn and reflect
but also a year to give consolation.
A year to look back
but also a year to trust.
A year to lose
but also a year to accept.
A year to go forever
and at some point a reunion.

(Martina Rose-Hörst)


Z 61

The dead are not gone, they are going with them.
They are only invisible, their steps are inaudible.

(Gorch Fock)


Z 62

When you look at the sky at night
you will feel as if all the stars were laughing,
because I live on one of them
because i am laughing at one of them.
You alone will have stars that can laugh.

(Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)


Z 63

And when you've comforted yourself
you will be glad you knew me
And your friends will be very amazed
When they see you looking at the sky and laughing.

(Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)


Z 64

When one loves a flower
that only exist once
on all millions and millions of stars,
then it is completely enough for him that he is among them
looking up to be happy.

(Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)


Z 65

The only way not to grieve for you
would be to have not loved you.
So I walk the path of mourning
Knowing that this is one way of love.

(Sabine Coners)


Z 66

I am not dying.
I come into life.

(Theresa of Lisieux)


Z 67

Nobody knows what death is.
Not even whether he is not for humans
the greatest is among all goods.