A relationship means happiness

When I tell friends about my relationship with sparkling eyes, I often hear the phrase: “You're so lucky”. Sometimes I have the feeling that many people use the word luck in a random sense. Like I'm happily forgiven for being in the right place at the right time. I understand mine Happiness in love but not as a fateful concept. Rather, it is based on the fact that I knew exactly what I wanted - and what I didn't. In this article, I'll tell you what really matters when looking for a partner.

What to expect in this article

Happiness in love is not based on chance

It is a wonderful thought to understand the world as a cosmic order that is ours sent soul mates by fate. But if you ask me, also a rather absurd one, with almost eight billion people in the world. Happiness in love has little to do with chance. As soul-warming as this thought is. Happiness is not given to you without assistance. You have to work for happiness. Mainly by working on yourself, as the Dalai Lama reveals in his rules of happiness.

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And it is the same with happiness in love. That is based on us consciously decide for each other and pay attention to essential aspects that we are sometimes not really aware of. However, whoever actively pays attention to the following things at Partner: inside search reflects his own desires, will surely find his happiness in love over time ...

Happiness in love: these requirements need it

In my opinion, the more luck you are in love, the more you know and question yourself. Then you can too implement the following aspects for partner selection:

The communication has to be right

I have had several liaisons with men who were masters at sending me one silly message a day or with whom no real conversation came about. And as mysterious and exciting as it may feel at the moment - that is not enough for true happiness in love.

A sincere, humorous and eye-to-eye communication is the alpha and omega of happiness in love. If you want to solve puzzles, it is better to use Sudoku than your mysterious partner: in. By the way: Being able to laugh together and having a similar educational background also play a role in this first point.

Small article tip: He no longer answers? That may be the reason.

Pay attention to similarities

Opposites attract? Maybe in the first few meters of a relationship. Rarely, however, on a long distance. Anyone who feels attracted to people again and again, which actually don't suit you at all and if you fail, you'd better think long-term and look for someone with whom Conflicts and disharmony are avoided.

Better to look at the potential partner: in Similarities and similarities of character. But please also not 100 percent, there may still be a few differences. But who same values, goals and desires from life being followed will be happier in the long run. Because an essential factor in happiness in love is how the other can be integrated into one's own environment.

Physical attraction

It would be a lie to say that being attractive and having a good sex life does not affect happiness in love. True it is physical attraction rather than looksthat binds two people together, but above all the face, the smell, the voice and the eyes always play a role in the choice of a partner.

Thinking about the future together

Many relationships fail in the long term because important issues have not been clarified from the start. For example, the question of wanting to have children. Whoever addresses this topic right at the beginning, there is no risk of unpleasant surprises later. It doesn’t matter whether one expresses the wish for childlessness or for having four children. But the career should also be discussed from the start in order to see what wishes the other person has for the future. Are you on the same wavelength? Then nothing stands in the way of happiness in love.

The opinion of the others

His best friend doesn't like you? Yes, what's the point. After all, you can't be liked by everyone. But stop! That friends and also the family like the potential partner essential for happiness in love. Because even the strongest character will not be able to live completely free from the opinions of family and friends. Besides, best friends know you best and may see things that affect us the rose-colored glasses veiled.

A promising judgment after getting to know the most important people in your life for the first time is therefore worth gold in the partner: search for inside. PS: If the future mother-in-law is not exactly convinced of you, that is it no end of the world, at least not when the potential partner has cut the cord enough.

Listen to your gut instinct

Whether it is happiness in love is not a question that can only be answered rationally. Because in the end it counts too the good old gut feelingwho rarely lies.

Most of the time we know after seconds whether we can imagine a future with our counterpart. This is due to biochemical processes triggered by pheromonesthat decide whether you can smell yourself good. You subconsciously look for a: n partner: in who perfectly complements your own gene profile for the purpose of reproduction. So: to find happiness in love also means listening to your feelings.

Happiness in love is based on a conscious choice

Whoever wants to find happiness in love has to know what he is looking for. So: What is particularly important to you? And what is not possible? People who do not fit into this scheme do not offer the best conditions for long-term happiness in love - if perhaps a short, exciting time.

The most important thing: Adjust your own requirements. There is no Mr. or Mrs. Perfect. We all have one or the other crack. The trick is now to find someone who appreciates and loves this curtsey. At the same time, you shouldn't be too fussy yourself when choosing a partner. After all, it's about Finding happiness in love and not perfection.

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