Which English word is always pronounced incorrectly

Here are five English words that are almost always pronounced incorrectly by Germans - did you know? Take the test!

Five words that, in my experience, are always mispronounced by Germans:

1: "Sour Cream"

I don't know why, but many Germans pronounce it like this: "Suur-Kriim ". The correct pronunciation of the first word, on the other hand, is almost exactly the same as the German word "sauer".

2. "Suit"

The English word for "suit" is often pronounced something like this by Germans: "Sjuut". The correct pronunciation is as in the English female name "Sue", only with a "t" at the end.

3. "Iron"

Many Germans mistakenly pronounce this English word for "iron" as follows: "Egg-ron". However, it is pronounced with a silent "r" and when properly pronounced it sounds something like this: "Eie-rn".

4. "Women"

This is the plural of "women" and is often pronounced like this: "Wo-min". The correct pronunciation, however, is: "Wi-min".

5. "comfortable"

That means "pleasant", "comfortable" in English. Unlike in German, the "o" in the middle is not pronounced. The correct pronunciation goes something like this: "kamf-te-bel".

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