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Rich Kleiman - Bio, Facts on Kevin Durant's Manager and Business Partner

Rich Kleiman has gained popularity due to connection with basketball star Kevin Durant as a manager and business partner. Durant, who currently plays for the National Basketball Association (NBA) Golden State Warriors, began his career as a high school student playing for the National Christian Academy and Montrose Christian School and Oak Hill Academy. He rose to fame as a high school basketball prodigy and was featured on Paradise Magazine's first list. His fame didn't stop in high school as he was also a big star in college and was designed by Seattle Supersonics, now Oklahoma City Hunters.

Rich Kleiman met Kevin Durant when he was an NBA player. He helped Durant with several decisions and has since done a good job helping the basketball star avoid scandals. Rich's influence has also expanded into Kevin Durant's business life and decisions. He is currently a co-founder and partner of The Durant Company and Thirty Five Media. He is also working on a drama series about the early life of Kevin Durant, entitled swagger.

In addition to business, Rich Kleiman's family is also flourishing, without scandals. He is married to Jane Gold who has two daughters for him - Bella and Olivia. The family currently lives in New York. Learn more about Kevin Durant's manager and business partner.

Rich Kleiman's organic

He was born Rich Adam Kleiman on November 27th, 1977 in New York. He was born into the family of Kenneth and Jill Kleiman. His father, Kenneth, was an interior designer and vice president of sales at a New York office furniture retailer, while his mother was a professional leasing broker at Williams Real Estate. Because of this, it's safe to say that Rich grew up in a family that appreciated the hard work that affected him.

For his education he attended high school at the Ethic Culture Fieldston School. He won a scholarship to study at Boston University but later dropped out to pursue his passion. According to records, after leaving, he moved to New York and considered becoming a restaurateur but later became a bookmaker. As a bookmaker, he made and saved enough to start an urban music website. His love of music led him to become a music supervisor at ESPN, directing documentaries.

He went on to work with Jay-Z in a sports concert film called Fade To Black. This job earned him several other opportunities such as attending Roc Nation Sports, which was launched in April 2013. He met Kevin Durant while he was vice president and agent of the company that ran the basketball star. At the time, however, he was popular for leading Mark Ronson. Mark was his high school friend, and Rich managed his career so well that he had access to Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise's wedding, where he acted as a DJ.

At first, Rich was engaged in the representationexclusively of musicians. Although a list of the musicians with whom he has worked is not known. That changed in 2013 when Kevin asked him to be his manager. He resigned from Roc Nation in 2015 to give his client full attention. Currently, in addition to being a manager working with his client 24/7, he has also started setting up businesses with Kevin Durant. They founded The 35 Media and The Durant Company. While the latter (The Durant Company) manages all of Kevin’s media business, the former (Thirty-Five Media) oversees the portfolio of the various ventures Kevin owns.

Facts about Kevin Durant's manager and business partner


Rich Kleiman has been married since November 2003. He is married to the beautiful and talented Jane Ilyse Gold. Not much is known about Jane, but it is known that she served as director of marketing and public relations for New York-based Monsac Handbags. She has a bachelor's degree and a degree from Brown University. Together with Rich, she is the mother of two beautiful daughters - Bella and Olivia. Despite his busy schedule, Rich makes time for his family, who live in Manhattan, New York.

High school hobbies

Rich Kleiman, an accomplished businessman, showed some of his business skills while he was in high school. He sold his toys in junior high and played basketball while in senior high. A combination of these two behaviors could explain why he's a sports entrepreneur today. Rich recently announced his intentions to start his own basketball team - a dream that wasn't far-fetched given his progress so far.

Wealth (income and earnings)

Rich Kleiman is sure to make thousands of dollars as a manager and entrepreneur. According to the latest information, his net worth has grown and as of 2018 his worth was estimated at $ 10 million. It is expected to increase in value over the years.

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