Like ADD, ADHD was Albert Einstein

In the past, not even scientists were aware that ADHD children and adolescents could become ADHD adults. Unfortunately. Because in a third the disorder grows out around puberty, in a third individual symptoms remain and in the last third the full picture remains. Some people affected by ADHD are among the most important personalities in the world (Bill Gates, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Albert Einstein, Michael Phelps, Alberta Tomba, etc.). For others, however, the restrictions caused by ADHD lead to unfavorable life courses (frequent job and partner changes, addictions, delinquency, etc.). To be successful as an ADHD sufferer, a loving and structuring family, understanding teachers, the right partner, the right training and a suitable job are particularly important.

From the ADHD Impact Study (New York Uni., 2000) and the American Journal of
Psychiatry, we learned some interesting things about children and adults with ADHD:

  1. Children who have one parent with ADHD have a 25-30% chance of developing ADHD themselves (i.e., the risk is 5 times higher than a child whose parents do not have ADHD). This means that a mother or father with ADHD can very easily have a child that is similar to him / her and will not necessarily be easy to raise. Adults with ADHD often have a long history of suffering within the family behind them, which, unfortunately, is often misinterpreted by experts.
  2. If a child has ADHD, there is a higher risk that their siblings will also be affected than if the child does not have it. This means an even greater burden for parents with ADHD.
  3. 72% of the parents of children / adolescents with ADHD report that their children / adolescents do not have good relationships with their siblings or other family members. This means that more conflicts than usual within the family are inevitable for parents of such children. Parents with ADHD can find this very difficult. This can lead to violence within the family, separation or divorce.
  4. It appears that social impairment is a lifelong problem for some people with ADHD. Many adults with ADHD have such difficulties, both professionally and personally. In particular, encounters with authority are a major problem. The increased impulsiveness of ADHD can lead to persistent difficulties.
  5. Girls with ADHD appear to be 20 times more likely to have alcohol or drug problems than girls who do not have ADHD, which means that young women with ADHD are particularly at risk in this regard.
  6. Alcohol dependence seems to be more common in children of alcoholics if one parent was diagnosed with an antisocial behavior disorder (delinquency) at an early age. Such children can start drinking at the age of 12 and be alcoholics as early as 14. Antisocial behavior disorder can be a comorbidity (accompanying symptom) of ADHD, which means that children with this type of family history (ADHD + antisocial behavior disorder) are also particularly at risk as teenagers and adults.
  7. A girl with ADHD is at higher risk of becoming pregnant than her peers who do not have ADHD. Young women with ADHD become pregnant much more often than others, which increases the risk that they will become members of the societal risk group of lone parents when they are young and low in income. Teenagers with ADHD also practice sexual intercourse earlier than others and have 2-3 times as many sexual partners, which can increase the risk of a sexually transmitted disease.


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