What is the definition of a phoneme

phoneme, the


m and d in mine and yours are phonemesWDG

Why is it so difficult for the computer? Because he doesn't understand language at all, the way people understand it. He only hears them, rather: He notices some cunningly filtered out frequencies, tries to identify the smallest meaning-distinguishing speech sounds in these phonemes, and to assign the recognized phoneme sequences to the words in his lexicon. [Die Zeit, 03/19/1998]

So, with the Khoisan languages, we may be looking back into an ancient linguistic past. The special "archaic" feature of these languages ​​is the use of clicks or clicks as normal phonemes, but only at the beginning of the word.

The second name differs from the first by a phoneme, which means that the criterion of the minimum pair is fulfilled. [Kieler Nachrichten, 21.09.2018]

For each phoneme there are, however, a number of different allophones, tonal variants that depend on the surroundings of the phoneme. [Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 04/07/1993]

In this sense, K. Bühler [...] speaks of »diacritical relevance«, i. H. For every word sound, a number of onomatopoeia is important for the distinction and understanding of the words. Bühler calls these sounds »phonemes« - »the natural marks by which the semantically decisive units of this sound stream are recognized and kept apart in the sound stream of the speech« […]. [Gehlen, Arnold: Der Mensch. Berlin: Junker and Dünnhaupt 1940, p. 170]

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Synonym for speech sound, loud (1)


Dyslalia [headline] The term can be paraphrased as phonetic disorder and describes the incorrect formation of a phoneme, i.e. incorrect pronunciation. [Rhein-Zeitung, 14.11.2014]

There are several types of Roth texts on this evening: the Dadaist linguistic wolf through which everything is turned, the stirring around in letters, phonemes, meanings. [Badische Zeitung, 23.09.2020]

The syllable is the summary of one or more successive sounds (phonemes) that can be pronounced in one go. [Berliner Morgenpost, 08/18/2020]

A haplology is the merging of two identical or similar syllables (also phonemes, i.e. sounds) into a single one. [Hamburger Abendblatt, 11.06.2019]

As a sound source, she uses her own voice, only sings phonemes, vowels and the sounds in between. [Der Tagesspiegel, 06.12.2018]