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Get to know big numbers

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Represent large numbers

Large numbers can be represented in different ways.
In numerical notation:
As a numerical word: one million
As a number with an abbreviation: 1 million
One can be helpful when switching to a different display.
The number is billions, millions, and thousands.
Write on the value board. The easiest way is to transfer the number from right to left into the place value table.

Big numbers in words

You can also write down large numbers in words. Numbers under a million are written in lower case and together, numbers over a million are written separately.
Other names for large numbers are: Million, Billion, Billion, Billiard, ...
1 million = = 1 million
1 billion = = 1 billion
1 trillion = = 1 trillion
1 brother = = 1 quadrillion
nine hundred twenty-three billion one hundred forty-one million one hundred fifty-two thousand six hundred thirteen billion million thousand ones 923141152613
three million seventy-five thousand twenty-three million thousand ones 3075023

Compare big numbers

The value of one in a number depends on where that digit is attached to. The larger the digit of the highest digit of a number, the larger the number itself is. The more digits a number has, the larger it is. When comparing large numbers, you are comparing the digits in the same places.
Compare a billion with a million. has more digits than. So 1 billion is greater than 1 million.
Compare to . Both numbers have the same number of digits. The following applies:>.