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Fine: Violations of corona rules cost that

Status: 08/28/2020 12:52 p.m.
Claudia Schröder, Deputy Head of Lower Saxony's Corona crisis team (center), has explained the new catalog of fines.

The deputy head of the Corona crisis team of the Lower Saxony state government, Claudia Schröder, explained the new Corona fines catalog today. In addition, she once again pointed out that against the background of the increasing number of infections, the existing Corona regulation will be extended until September 14th. According to Schröder, there are also two new points regarding the mask requirement: Anyone who cannot wear mouth and nose protection in the prescribed places for health reasons must in future prove this with a medical certificate or with a severely disabled ID card. In addition, the operators of local public transport are obliged to monitor compliance with the mask requirement more closely.

Complaints about casual handling of the mask requirement

In recent weeks, more and more passengers have complained that wearing the mask on public transport is no longer being taken seriously, said Schröder. In this respect, the operators of local public transport are now explicitly obliged to work to ensure that passengers wear mouth and nose protection and to promote compliance with the mask requirement. In addition, they would have to actively address people who do not adhere to them. Anyone who does not wear mouth and nose protection properly on public transport or in other prescribed locations must expect a fine of 100 to 150 euros with immediate effect.

Lower fine possible in the case of "unsettling"

Schröder also pointed out, however, that the fine may also be lower under certain circumstances. For example, when a person has not put the mouth and nose covering on because of "nausea". Overall, the competent authorities are required to take certain factors into account when determining the amount of the fine. For example, to what extent the public health was endangered, whether it was willful or negligent behavior, whether it is the first or repeated violation and what economic advantages a business person who does not follow the rules derives from it. The economic situation of the person concerned should also be taken into account, said Schröder.

20,000 euros fine for major events

According to Schröder, the catalog of fines distinguishes between the duties of citizens as individuals and those of legal entities, such as managing directors. For citizens, the framework rates in the catalog of fines provide for "tangible amounts", according to Schröder. However, they are lower compared to offenses from which an economic advantage can be drawn. The catalog of fines provides for a maximum penalty of 20,000 euros for someone who holds a major event in the period before November 1st. "These bans must be strictly adhered to because these are events that represent a major threat to the health of the population," said Schröder, explaining the amount of the penalty.

Too little distance: Up to 400 euros fine

Anyone attending such an event must expect a fine of 150 to 400 euros. 100 to 400 euros are due if someone disregards the distance requirement in public. The same amount has to be paid by anyone who does not adhere to the hygiene rules in a nursing home, for example. Anyone who invites more than 50 people to an occasion such as a wedding must expect a fine of 300 to 3,000 euros. The same amount has to be paid by anyone accommodating a group of more than 50 people, for example in a restaurant or hotel.

Insufficient data collection: Up to 2,000 euros fine

Furthermore, a managing director, business owner or service provider who has no or only an inadequate hygiene concept for his business or who does not implement the concept must pay a fine of 1,000 to 3,000 euros. In the case of missing or inadequate data collection or documentation, the managing director, operator or service provider must pay 500 to 2,000 euros. Organizers or business owners who do not or only inadequately ensure that the minimum distance and hygiene measures are observed must expect a fine of 500 to 1,500 euros.

Quarantine violations cost up to 3,000 euros

Anyone who comes back as a traveler from a risk area and does not adhere to the mandatory domestic quarantine must pay 500 to 3,000 euros. 150 to 2,000 euros are due if the return traveler does not report to the competent authority. "Quarantine is not negotiable," said Schröder. Anyone who comes back from a risk area is obliged to go home straight away and lock themselves in their apartment or house. Anyone who finds an empty refrigerator there has to resort to delivery services or the help of neighbors. Under no circumstances should he quickly go shopping in the supermarket. Government spokeswoman Anke Pörksen called on people to refrain from traveling to risk areas without a valid objective reason.

Violations should be punished uniformly

The fines should be set by the police and the responsible authorities in the municipalities and districts, for example the public order offices. The catalog of fines is intended to ensure that such violations are punished as uniformly as possible in the municipalities and districts of Lower Saxony, according to the Ministry of Health.

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