What is your secret sex fantasy

The secret fantasy

Why do women have so many unfulfilled fantasies? Because they don't talk about it!

Man has to approach it with a little more cunning to elicit their cheeky secrets. A survey by MensHealth.com has shown which women’s favorite fantasies are. The B.Z. explains how men put them into practice. What is observed: 80 percent of women want to orgasm themselves while their partner watches and learns. Here's how: Take your partner's hand and run it over the neck, chest and stomach further down. Then let go and take care of the rest of your body. Harder sex: 66 percent of women want to be handcuffed, 74 percent want a pat on the bottom. Here's how it works: Hold your partner's wrists during sex. Position your arms above your head. If you like that, fix your hands with a cloth next time. The same applies to slapping: start very gently and then slowly increase. Sex in public. 64 percent would like an adventure in a public place, 51 percent would like sex on a plane. Here's how it works: Leave the bedroom window wide open during sex. That's enough for the first kick. When you have become more courageous, you can also try it on the balcony or in the park on a mild summer night. Make a film: 40 percent of women would like to have their sex filmed. Here's how it works: If your partner wears a particularly sexy top, ask if you can take a picture. Does she pose? Very good. Now ask if she would like to be filmed lounging in her underwear. Threesome love: 25 percent can imagine having sex with their partner and another woman. Here's how it works: Rent the film "Wild Things". The hearty threesome scene offers the perfect occasion to carefully dig deeper ...

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