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Online school: this is how online learning works

The school day starts with a Skype conference. Every morning the teacher logs in and greets his student with a chat. "Are you okay? Were you having problems with your homework? "Then the workload for the day is discussed. The next chapter in math is coming up.

The last English vocabulary has to be practiced again. Spelling and grammar are also on the agenda. Anyone who learns at the “Web Individual School” does not sit in the same room with classmates and teachers, but meets online on the computer to learn.

All students have a compelling reason not to go to mainstream school. You have been the victim of bullying attacks, others have Asperger's Syndrome or are chronically ill. Still others became delinquent, and they really don't feel like going to school anymore.

The students also include celebrity children and teenage stars who have no time for the real school or are simply besieged by fans there. For all of them, learning together in a class with other students is unthinkable.

Tasks come via email

After teachers and students have agreed what is on the schedule for today, tasks are distributed and sent by email. The exercise sheets are processed at home at the desk, the solutions are sent back to the teacher as a PDF. The next day the worksheets are discussed together.

Too many mistakes in math problems? Full marks on the English text? Depending on how the student performs, the teacher prepares the material in the next online session or continues to turn solutions. Like in regular school.

“Sick children have the opportunity to get an education and graduate from school,” says Sarah Lichtenberger, head of the “Web Individual School”. The teacher does not stand next to the student when the tasks are stuck, but nobody is alone at the online school. "If you are working on a math problem and absolutely do not understand it, then the teacher explains the solution with hands and feet on the whiteboard," says Lichtenberger.

There is no vacation

With smartphones and the Internet, you can learn much more individually and at your own pace
Gabi Netz, "Teacher Online" web portal

Every student has their own coach. 138 pupils are enrolled at the web individual school, twelve teachers look after their protégés practically in shifts. There are no holidays and there are also no fixed length of lessons. Students from all over Germany log into the online school, and young people abroad also learn via the virtual offer.

After all, the job sometimes moves some parents to other countries for a short time. However, they should not miss out on lessons. "Anyone who has an exemption from compulsory schooling or a sick leave and who has the costs covered can enroll in the school," says teacher Lichtenberger.