What does healthy life mean

Live healthily without giving up: 19 tips

Living healthy doesn't mean that you automatically have to forego all the good things in life. If you take care of your health by and large, you can treat yourself to something without a guilty conscience.

What does it mean to live healthy?

health has different meanings and is much more than just that opposite of illness. Health is closely related to yours life quality. Living a healthy life means both body as well as ghost inside and out too care for.

The options for healthier living are numerous. You can do it through the nutrition try yours Lifestyle more active shape, on your Mindset work and, in addition to unavoidable stress, also regularly take care of yours Relaxation to do.

Live healthy with the right diet

1. Drink enough water

water is all of us Elixir of life. You can do without solid food for days, but 3 days are enough to dry out your body completely. Your body needs enough water, not just for smooth blood flow.

water is good at almost everyone importantFunctions involved in your body. No matter if on construction all over again tissue, like skin, hair and muscles, for Removal of poisonousFabrics or just for cooling by creating sweat.

In order for these and many other functions to work every day, your body needs sufficient fluids. How much water you exactly drink should depend on your weight, your activity level and your general diet.

How much water drink

2. Eat a balanced diet instead of starving yourself

Just because you live healthy want, you have to by no means on any fooddispense. In many diets, certain foods are completely eliminated. Sometimes whole nutrients are demonized.

It doesn't matter if Fats, carbohydrates or Proteins, your body needsallthree. Plus changingfruit and vegetables and you provide your body with valuable ones Vitamins, Minerals and Fiber.

3. Avoid processed foods

Processed foods are usually full on artificialFlavors, Flavor enhancers and others unnaturalAdditives. The flavor enhancers in particular ensure that you can hardly stop eating.

You can find alternatives here

4. Eat fast food as rarely as possible

Fast food is clearly a processed food, but it is often full of it unhealthyTrans fatty acids. These are fats that make theirs by heating structurechanged and are cancerous. In addition, fast food usually only contains empty carbohydrates, which are high in calories but have very little nutritional value for the body.

5. Take your time to eat

In the morning it's rushed to the office. On the way there is a quick Coffee2Go and maybe a bread roll. During the lunch break we go to the restaurant. But now it's busy. By the time the food is on the table for everyone, the break is almost over. So the food is swallowed quickly. In the evening after work, the motivation to spend a lot of time in the kitchen is no longer particularly great.

The next day it starts all over again.

No wonder a lot of people are taking stress-related gastrointestinal complaints Suffer. plan your eat rather so that you really are Take your time can. Cook on a day off, for example in front. And get everything ready for your breakfast. This means you have less stress overall and can take more time for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

6. Avoid refined sugar

Unlike sugar from fruits and vegetables it offers more sophisticatedNo sugar real advantagebecause it contains neither vitamins nor fiber. In addition, refined sugar leaves yours Insulin levels in the Shoot height and then quickly fall off again. That takes care of Food cravings and often leads to obesity.

7. Take a day of fasting every now and then

Did you always think fasting was unhealthy? In fact, if done correctly, it is just the opposite. Who every now and then one controlledFasting day inserts ensures that the body learns better on his Access emergency storage.

8. Avoid alcohol and cigarettes

It should be clear to everyone that alcohol and Cigarettesno advantages for a healthy life. Cigarettes increase your risk of developing lung cancer. Alcohol, like refined sugars and processed foods, contains lots of empty carbohydrates.

Live healthy with exercise

9. Bring more activity into your life

You can easily bring more activity into your everyday life. take that Bike instead of car or public transport to get to work, shop or visit friends. take this Stairs instead the Elevator and take a walk every now and then.

In this way you burn a lot of calories and also train your muscles. At the same time you stimulate your circulation as a whole and mainly do it through the Move at the fresh air also something for yours immunity.

10. Build strong muscles with strength training

Strength training not only makes muscles big, it also makes you big higherCalorie consumption. At the same time, trained muscles work supportive and protective for your Joints. For example, trained back muscles ensure less back pain.

11. Do something for your endurance

Endurance training also has a very positive effect on your health. You mainly train yours Cardiovascular system and burn a lot Calories. With longer endurance units, however, the immune system is also shut down. Then your body has to work all the harder to protect you from disease.

12. Try interval training

Another sporty alternative is that Interval training, as one mixture between Strength and endurance training. You combine the advantages of both forms of training and on the one hand strengthen your muscles but at the same time ensure that your endurance improves with the fast repetitions and short breaks. Forms of training that are part of interval training HIIT, Tabataand, depending on the expansion, also the classic Circuit training.

13. Maintain your ideal weight

From Ideal weight one speaks when you have one BMI between 18,5 and 24,9 has. How do you calculate this? Quite simply with our free body check.

Do a body check now

14. Get a check-up

We know that visiting the doctor is usually annoying. But every now and then it makes sense to have a doctor check you out. A small or large blood count can then be useful every few years.

Live healthy with relaxation

In addition to a balanced diet and an active lifestyle, there is another area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife that is very important for your health. Correct to relax want learned be. Everyone is different and what works for one person may not have any effect on you.

15. Get enough sleep

Are your days often crammed with appointments? Work, training and then a quick dinner with friends or maybe in a couple of bars? A busy schedule is usually at the expense of sleep.

Sleep is particularly important for your recovery, especially when you are active in sports. This means Notthat you are imperative 8 hours of sleep have to. There are people who get along very well with less sleep. You can find out how many hours of sleep are really healthy here:

How many hours of sleep do you need

16. Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness exercises are perfect for the body and above all that ghostshut down. The best thing about mindfulness practice: You can do it pretty much anywhere, and do a little more instantly serenity in your Bring day.

Instead of focusing all the time on what you have left to do, you just start yours focus On your Sensory perceptions to lay. take this Sounds was in your environment feel the wind on your skin, the air you breathe.

Watch be very aware of what is going on around you and focus on different ones Smells or Scentswithout evaluating in any way.

17. Breathe into your stomach

Another good exercise for relaxation is that conscious abdominal breathing. At stress we expand our lung volume by going deep into the Rib cage to breathe. Unfortunately, this happens so often that many adults have forgotten how to breathe deeply into their stomach.

To learn how to breathe in the abdomen again, simply lie down on your back and watch your breathing for a few minutes. Take a few deep breaths and watch your chest and abdominal wall move as you go.

Now you are trying to consciously control whether you are breathing more into your chest or your stomach. At first it may be unfamiliar. With a little practice, however, you will be able to use this technique anywhere, anytime.

18. Take time for yourself

Every now and then everyone needs some time for themselves. You too should treat yourself to this time for a personal break every now and then. During this time, just turn off your smartphone and turn it off yourself. Take a hot bath, get a massage, meditate, or whatever is good for you.

19. Learn more relaxation techniques

Just as you try different things with your diet and training and have to find your own individual path to success, it is also with relaxation techniques. That's why we have one whole list With various relaxation techniques compiled for you.

Discover more relaxation techniques

Live healthy without giving up

Living healthy does not mean that you have to do without everything that you enjoy. It is important to us that you not trying compulsivelyto implement all the tips at once, but just keep repeating them trying new things and so find outwhat suits you.

Don't try Quitting smoking overnight, drinking alcohol and eating meat. Reduce the consumptionCigarettes, alcohol and flesh rather slow or concentrate on it for the Beginning just a habit to change.


  • Healthy living works through a combination of healthy eating, exercise and healthy relaxation methods.
  • Make sure you drink enough and eat a balanced diet.
  • Avoid trans fats, processed, and sugary foods.
  • Make sure you move daily.
  • Both strength and endurance training have very positive effects on your health.
  • HIIT combines the positive effects of strength and endurance training.
  • With the relaxation technique that is right for you, you can process stress better and do something for a healthy life.
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