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Freshmen shouldn't take a part-time job straight away

Money is often tight during your studies. Why a part-time job is still not advisable for freshmen.

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First-year students should wait for the first semester before taking on a part-time job.

Freshmen shouldn't rush to do a part-time job. You better not take one right away. That is the advice of Nicolai Preuße, lawyer and expert on the subject of part-time jobs at the German Student Union. There is a great risk that first-semester students will underestimate the workload for their studies and thus get bogged down right from the start. It is best to wait for the first semester.

The number of students with part-time jobs has decreased

According to the 20th social survey by the German Student Union, more than every second student was gainfully employed during the lecture period in the 2012 summer semester (62 percent). Compared to the summer semester 2009, however, the number of students with part-time jobs has fallen by five percentage points.

Part-time job should be related to studies

If you don't necessarily need a part-time job, you'd better forego a job and invest the time in your studies, advises Preuße. In the longer term, this is the more sensible investment. If it has to be a part-time job, students should try to find a job that is related to their studies. This can be, for example, a student assistant job at the university. In this way they get to know something on the job that they can apply in their field of study and that may be useful to them for a long time to come.

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| Updated: Friday, September 13, 2013 12:45 p.m.

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