Has it ever snowed in Honolulu?

Aloha-Ohe: The 50 most beautiful Hawaiian hits on 2 CDs

Aloha-Ohe: The 50 most beautiful Hawaiian hits

Aloha-Ohe: The 50 most beautiful Hawaiian hits
2 CDs
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  • Label:MusicTales
  • Order number:3836143
  • Release date: 15.7.2016
South Seas and Hawaii hits were very much in fashion in the 50s. The economic miracle got going and after the hard reconstruction one dreamed of journeys into the distance, of palm beaches in the South Seas and of brown, pretty girls. The longing for exotic places and distant adventures was great, and Germans were kidnapped into exotic realms in the cinema too.

This double CD features the best-known and most popular Hawaiian hits from the economic boom, such as Lolita with “Eine Blaue Zauberblume”, Goldy & Peter de Vries with their hit “Tausend Kuller-Kuller Tränen” or Freddy with his unforgettable “Aloha Ohe”.

In addition to the well-known hits, this album also features a few hits that are available on CD for the first time. You really get into dreaming with the stars of the time like Lale Andersen, Caterina Valente and Vico Torriani.

Disk 1 of 2

  1. 1Freddy Quinn: Alo-ahe
  2. 2Lale Andersen: Blue Hawaii
  3. 3Gus Backus: Such a hula night
  4. 4The Kilima Hawaiians: Whenever you're in Hawaii
  5. 5Goldy and Peter De Vries: A thousand Kuller-Kuller tears
  6. 6Margot Eskens: It snowed in Hawaii
  7. 7The Serenaders: Honululu baby
  8. 8 Beautiful island of Hawaii
  9. 9 The little hula girls of Hawaii
  10. 10Caterina Valente & Silvio Francesco: Ukulele, you have to cry
  11. 11The Kilima Hawaiians: An island born from dreams
  12. 12The Hula Hawaiian Quartet: In Waikiki
  13. 13The Golgowsky Quartet: Typhoon the most beautiful in Hawaii
  14. 14The Hansen Quartet: Hot-hot-hot (are the nights in Hawaii)
  15. 15The Hilo-Hawaiians: Under palm trees by the sea
  16. 16The Kilima Hawaiians: On the beautiful Hiloland beach
  17. 17 Homesick for Hawaii
  18. 18Tony Weller: In Honolulu by the blue sea (Remember You're Mine)
  19. 19Rodgers duo: Poor little boy from Hawaii
  20. 20Udo Juergens: I keep thinking back to Hawaii
  21. 21The Kihula Hawaiians: The white roses bloom in Hawaii
  22. 22Evelyn Künneke: Play your hula ukulele
  23. 23Hula Hawaiians: Hilo March
  24. 24Goldy and Peter De Vries: You brown girl from Hawaii
  25. 25 Goodbye Hawaii

Disk 2 of 2

  1. 1Peter Kraus: Hula baby
  2. 2Goldy and Peter De Vries: When the moon shines in Hawaii
  3. 3The troubadours: At Jonny's Bar in Honolulu (I'm gonna wrap up all my heartaches)
  4. 4Vico Torriani: Waikiki (Lips Of Wine)
  5. 5The Hula Hawaiian Quartet: Off Hawaii, off Hawaii on the lagoon
  6. 6 Hulawai
  7. 7 On the love island in Hawaii
  8. 8Lolita: A blue magic flower
  9. 9The Golgowsky Quartet: The hula girls of Hawaii
  10. 10The Kihula Hawaiians: The poor fisher girl from Hawaii
  11. 11René Carol: Wonderland Hawaii
  12. 12Leila Negra: Hawaii dream
  13. 13Valentinos Hawaiian band: South Seas melody
  14. 14The Hula Hawaiian Quartet: The moon is shining in Hawaii
  15. 15Barbara Kist: The Lonely House in Waikiki (In My Little Corner Of The World)
  16. 16Dieter Heck: Baby from Hawaii
  17. 17Evelyn Künneke: Red flower of Hawaii
  18. 18Ted Herold: Hula moon baby
  19. 19The Hilo-Hawaiians: Sarie Marei
  20. 20The Kihula Hawaiians: Hawaii moon
  21. 21The budgies: My brown ukulele baby
  22. 22Mieke Telkamp: Luna Hawaiiana
  23. 23The Kilima Hawaiians: The stars of home
  24. 24Goldy and Peter De Vries: In Hawaii under the southern palm trees
  25. 25Peter Alexander: Bye-bye, my Hawaii