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What are the characteristics of duck meat?

Duck is eaten much less often than chicken, for example. It is particularly popular during the cold season and as part of a festive menu. The meat of the duck is dark and firm, it tastes strong and quite intense. The meat of male animals is often particularly spicy, while that of female ducks is usually more juicy.

A basic distinction is made between domestic and wild ducks. Domestic ducks are also known in this country as farm ducks or Peking ducks. In comparison, wild duck meat is lower in fat and tastes particularly spicy. Furthermore, flight ducks form their own genus, they provide less fat and a higher proportion of meat than domestic ducks.

Regardless of the type, duck meat can be classified as very nutritious, which is mainly due to the high fat content. In terms of fat and calorie content, the duck can be classified between chicken and goose. 100 grams of skin-on duck meat provide an average of 227 kilocalories (chicken: 166 kcal, goose: 342 kcal) and 17 grams of fat (chicken: 10 g, goose: 30 g). In addition to its high nutritional value, duck meat provides valuable B vitamins, including vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12 and niacin. It also contains relevant amounts of minerals such as iron and zinc.

Duck is available in stores all year round in this country and is offered fresh, chilled or frozen. Because of its high fat content, deep-frozen duck meat does not keep as long as low-fat poultry: it can be kept for up to 6 months.

In the trade, the poultry is offered as a whole, among other things, and can thus be prepared as roast duck. However, the pieces of breast and leg are particularly popular. The tender meat of the duck breast is roasted with the skin on and then cooked to the end in the oven. Before doing this, the skin must be incised crosswise so that the skin does not contract along with the breast meat. Duck leg, on the other hand, is usually braised because it has a fairly high proportion of connective tissue. The duck meat therefore only becomes tender after a long cooking process.