Why does my teenage son want diapers


I'm looking for my son's diapers, he's 15 and pees in bed at night.
(you shouldn't see who you're wearing the diaper at first glance)
Do you also know whether you can order or buy a test diaper in the size or in the age?

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I've seen that there are also diapers for children who are actually out of the diaper age. the miller's right next to the normal diapers. there are two sizes, but I don't know exactly which one.
that's really funny
I just logged in and thought to myself: there haven't been any fakes for a long time. and what do I read first? ... fake!! so look at ebay because you can really order everything, even such large diapers od buy women’s napkins for the tough days, I can recommend it to a 15 year old.
Deleted user | 11/22/2009
that you have to approach everything so negatively again and again! I also believe that it is fake, only do I go off like that? then just don't answer it.
I answer what I want to answer !!! if what fits you ned save your answer !! you assume that it is a fake ?? you go from ?? yo ales clear, of course one draws into consideration that the question is meant seriously, no, all clear.
Deleted user | 11/22/2009
Hey, I know it too well. My son wasn't quite that old, but I know what it is like. I bought an insert for the bed that is really great, just not where the rubber is underneath it is full of crap. And my son had to help me make the bed. He was 9 years old. I went to a doctor and he had him First a spray was prescribed, which also helped. We got tablets that weren't bad either, but only had a short effect. Then we got the bell pants and it completely stopped after 3 weeks. It was really great. I wouldn't buy diapers are really expensive you can't see the varnish and when I say it's for protection when the children are sick. I also have a sheet like this with my daughter . But what is important is you have a doctor examine it to see if your son is completely healthy. But sometimes it is also due to the alcohol. Then it happens too. clarify v doctor
uh .. people
You are not serious about Heike-Gismo? that you take it seriously? there is also a difference whether 9 y od 15! THIS IS A FAKE !!
Deleted user | 11/22/2009
fake or not?
hello, sabini79, it seems you are a couple of bored Sunday girls who have nothing better to do with their time than writing stupid things in forums. but you also get older sometimes. such a stupid question, and where and at which point it works now. Poor world that children have fun with, your iq is probably not enough for meaningful things that can be done. have a nice day, drea
if someone had dealt with the subject, you would also know that there are people who wet their lives for a long time, but that is never talked about ... we are currently also in urological treatment, because our son probably has something after an op got twisted, he was dry beforehand ... and why are there diapers for people who can't always hold this ??? And by that I don't mean the ones that are attracted to severely disabled people who really don't notice anything ... so, on the subject: try some huggies, we recently ordered a sample from them, they still look relatively good, more like underpants, but are worked like diaper pants
dwarf family | 11/22/2009
have you ever been to the doctor?
because when children of that age are soaked it usually has a psychological problem?!?!?! Otherwise, I know that there are diapers for larger gibs also for old people but unfortunately I can't say where ...
my daughter is 9 and needs diapers too. Unfortunately due to illness. Why does your son still need diapers?
Aquarius73 | 11/24/2009
well if he's already 15 years old, what have you been doing up to now because you come to use the Iddee diapers very late?


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