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How do I find a business idea - The Quora Method

Anyone who has ever tried to find a coherent and profitable business idea for themselves knows how difficult it can be. When it comes to identifying possible subject areas, many get stuck.

But there are really clever ways in a short time, with relatively little effort, to create a complete list of promising topics for your own independence.

One such possibility is what we call the Quora Method. We will now briefly introduce these to you. The method is simple, so there isn't much to explain.

Get a list of business ideas in 10 minutes with Quora

Quora is a great website where users can ask questions and get them answered by the community. If you are now looking for a specific topic for your self-employment, you can proceed as follows:

  • Log in to www.quora.com.
  • Select the topics that you are interested in from the suggested topics by Quora (health, politics, books, music, literature, technology, ...).
  • In each of these areas there are in turn sub-areas. Select these accordingly too.

Image source: Quora

  • Once you do that, Quora will list a series of questions from users in those areas. Look around. Read the questions. See what questions users have in your favorite areas.
  • Which of these could you answer correctly? Focus on questions that you can answer intuitively.
  • What question you see may several people ask yourself? Which question comes up frequently in a similar form? What questions might users outside of Quora also be interested in?
  • Write down all of your findings and then try to derive common ground. What is the gist of the questions? Can you identify a problem behind the question? What could the solution for this look like?
  • In this way you can quickly find a first direction for your independence. If you identify specific, well-defined topics that you are well versed in and where users ask many questions that you can answer, you are on the right track!

That's it! Good luck!


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