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Concert reading & milonga with TANGO AMORATADO

on the occasion of our "Tango in Advent" in the Parkhotel:

Friday 5th November 2021

  • 8 p.m. concert & reading
  • 9 p.m. Milonga

at the Parkhotel Bad Schandau | € 10 per person | Reservation tel. 035022 520


Without a German invention, the Argentine tango would not have become what it is today - world cultural heritage!

What would tango be without that Bandoneon ?! This was invented in the Ore Mountains.

Jürgen Karthe (bandoneon) and Fabian Klentzke (piano) tell in entertaining stories and with lots of music how the instrument began its triumphal march in Latin America in the luggage of German emigrants!

You can hear a lot of tangos from Carlos Gardel to Astor Piazolla - but also traditional folk tunes from the Ore Mountains, the cradle of the bandoneon.


Jürgen Karthe, Bandoneon plays along Fabian Klentzke Tango Argentino at the piano for many years.

What first began with world music was learned later in the duo TANGO AMORATADO (amoratado = dark purple) its continuation in terms of liveliness and joy of playing. You play the tango with the intensity of a band and the timbres of an orchestra.

Audiences and critics are equally enthusiastic. With their duo, both musicians have achieved a leading position in the international tango scene. Tango's performed virtuously, refreshingly new and independent.