What is the functional purpose of NFL cheerleaders

NFL: Washington Football Team eliminates cheerleaders

The Washington Football Team from the NFL continues to work on the much-criticized public image and is discontinuing its cheerleading program after more than 50 years. The background to the decision is, among other things, a scandal about sexual harassment in the club, the league has been investigating the matter for some time.

Instead of the cheerleaders, a mixed dance group will appear from the new season. This was shared by Petra Pope, the club's advisor for game day entertainment, ESPN With. The "First Ladies of Football" had been performing since 1962, the last time the franchise had suspended the program.

At the NFL club, which has already given up its controversial name Washington Redskins including the Indian logo due to years of protests, 15 former employees went on the offensive last year for alleged sexual harassment at work - including cheerleaders.

There had been excitement about the dancers before. These apparently had to be photographed topless for a photo shoot in 2013. The team is said to have invited visitors who were there at the time of the recordings. After the shoot, the dancers are said to have been asked to accompany male sponsors to a nightclub.

"My desire is to build a team that is everything - inclusive, diverse, mixed and athletic," said Pope, who wants to "set the gold standard in the NFL." The potential members should ideally be able to dance and perform tricks and stunts. The previous cheerleaders are allowed to apply for the places.

Pope worked in the North American professional basketball league NBA for 33 years. Among other things, she looked after the Laker Girls in Los Angeles.