When did Voldemort create his Horcruxes?

Why shouldn't Voldemort create new Horcruxes?

A couple of points.

I don't know if it's in godelots Magick Moste Evile ¹ gave instructions on how to destroy a Horcrux and a list of items magically powerful enough to actually do so. If not, it could be that Voldemort believed no one would ever figure out how to destroy their Horcruxes, even if they were found. Of course, this assumption leaves open the idea that Voldemort himself would not know how to destroy his Horcruxes and would not know best how to protect them. Therefore, I will not wholeheartedly support this premise.

Voldemort insisted heavily - almost 100% - that no one would discover the Horcrux Diadem at Hogwarts in the Room of Requirements. Until the end, he continued to believe that the diadem was too well hidden to be compromised by anyone who found it.

Regardless mentions the number seven. Tom Riddle / Voldemort was obsessed with number seven, the "most magical number," and he may not have been psychologically able to get past that sacred number. Little did he know, of course, that he had actually accidentally created an eighth pseudo-Horcrux in Harry.

Voldemort's soul was completely broken and damaged. His body may not have survived an attempt to make another Horcrux. In addition, it was never explained Why Harry wasn't killed as a baby. It was never explained what was so magically different about Harry that the Avada Kedavra curse rebounded and hit Voldemort and reduced Voldemort to an essence without a body. It's always been like this, "Something about [Harry] stopped [Voldemort]. [Harry's] the boy who lived." Is it just Lily's victim? If so, okay. But if not, what if Voldemort committed another Horcrux murder against someone who happened to have similar magical protection as Harry and the curse rebounded against Voldemort, putting Voldemort in a state of mind for the second time? Maybe he wasn't ready to risk this.

We don't know how long it will take to create a Horcrux. We know it's a murder and a spell. Creating a Horcrux is apparently painful. It is not known how long it takes to physically recover from creating a Horcrux. It could have been time sensitive when Voldemort realized he was really in danger and needed further protection.

And finally the usual: Voldemort was arrogant.

¹ Out the stories of Beedle the Bard - The story of the three brothers


+1, but according to Voldie's bookkeeping, he already knew that he had AT LEAST a Horcrux short (the diary and probably the medallion).


I'm 110% sure that Voldemort lost the whole game because he passed number 7 :)


I think it's worth noting that Vs arrogance made him believe he was too Not be defeated in a double could (now that Dumbledore is gone), and as such, his newest Horcrux, Nagini, would be the safest V himself could to defend it.


Voldie created another Horcrux after not killing Harry: Nagini. And he certainly killed again. So it is not valid to argue that they did not want to risk creating another Horcrux.


@mort I said: What if Voldemort did another Horcrux murder against somebody would commit who happened to have magical protection similar to Harry's and the curse hit Voldemort again, putting Voldemort in a state of mind for the second time?Maybe he wasn't ready to risk this. I did not say that he did not create any other type of Horcrux, i.e. Nagini. Nor did I say he never killed again. It is fair to argue that under the same circumstances as his encounter with Harry, he may not have wanted to create another Horcrux.