What do guys find scary

11 creepy things guys do that women hate

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Gentlemen, today we're going to show you 11 creepy things guys do while flirting that girls crawl girls out.

And because we want to be extra sure that you don't mistakenly score as a horror, we'll let you know too A powerfully easy way to always come across as the normal, confident guy you really are.

The 11 Ultra Creepy Things Guys Do When Accidentally Flirting

Here are 11 creepy things guys do to get girls crawled + the 1 thing you need to know to avoid scary flirting:

11. Too much prolonged eye contact

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How William Shakespeare expressed once: "The eyes are the window to your soul." And while this sounds romantic, usually a girl you flirt with doesn't want to feel like you are look into her soul.

So avoid that unless you want her to be immediately uncomfortable excessively intense eye contact.

10. Seems rehearsed

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While generally being prepared is undoubtedly good advice it seems too rehearsed or too polished can actually make some girls nervous. Because you know what they see A guy who is pretending to be someone else & hellip; and to all, that's kind of creepy.

So if you want to flirt spontaneous and funInstead of being scary and awkward, the best you can prepare for is to be ready improvise a bit.

9. Learn too much about her on social media

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So you met her and made up your mind to do it looked it up on social mediaeveryone does that, right? Safe & hellip; maybe. But that doesn't mean a girl wants you to check it out every single picture she has.

Because while it's normal to pursue some of your natural curiosity about a girl you like, it can definitely be too much in relation to a girl you meet.

8. Too much touch in the wrong places

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When done right, touching a girl respectfully conveys a highest level of trust. But when a guy is overly sensitive and ignores personal boundariesThere's probably no faster way to freak out a woman. And one of the scariest things guys do.

If you want to touch her, here are two quick pieces of advice: Wait for her to touch you first and only after she does Keep it short, light, and close to your arms or shoulders.

7. Make excessively dirty jokes or comments

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It may surprise you to find out that most girls, for the most part, actually have as dirty of a sense of humor like guys. But if you're just starting out with a girl, it's probably best Keep the PG jokes, just in case she's not quite on the same page yet. Because if you don't, you might say something she thinks is creepy & hellip; and that could be immediately kill every attraction she had for you.

6. Just pay too much attention to your body

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Not sure what to do to get them out? It could be how you look at her body.

If a girl catches you examining her excessively, she might do it Give yourself a pass the first time. But what if you keep getting caught? You could quickly start to think that you are just like the rest of them creepy guys she tried to avoid.

5. You want to spend too much time too soon

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So you really like a girl and that means you probably want to hang out with her all the time. Unfortunately that seems harmless & hellip; but could backfire and transform into their thoughts that you are a scary if you are not careful.

Because it can't just suggest you There isn't enough going on in your own lifebut if you keep asking to rest, it might make you do too seem overly obsessed. Take things slowly and play a little hard to get into.

4. Be inconsistent & hellip; or just lie flat

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Another thing that can easily happen when you're nervously trying to impress a girl is caught saying something that might be perceived as a lie.

Maybe you wanted to make a story better, or maybe you want to look cooler & hellip; But if you end up needing to trace something back or make it clear what you said, there may not be a better way to do it Make her wonder if you're just another dishonest sneak.

3. Giving her too many false, superficial compliments

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A compliment is good, so more of them have to be better, right? Not correct. Not only is Showering you with quick, flat compliments is a losing strategy, but (even if you mean her) too many can make you shine insincere and desperate & hellip; Both of these are the main ingredients to appear scary.

2. Give her heavy compliment too soon

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One good intention that can easily land a guy in the creep zone is to go wrong if you give her one really warm compliment. And that's because there are three critical things that, if done poorly, can turn a heavy compliment from amazingly friendly to downright creepy: Timing, context and delivery.

So if you want to pay her a big compliment, Make sure the timing, conversation, and tone are right.

1. Make you think that you are a pick-up artist

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You may not be one, you may not even know what it is, but when a girl senses, maybe just think about it come with it as a gameYou can pretty much guarantee that she will think you're a scary. Because all creeps have one thing in common, and many PUAs do that: And that's it making a girl feel like nothing but an objectand not another person.

The 1 simple thing to remember is solving 99% of your accidental creepiness

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If you're just a normal guy who tends to come across as a little awkward at times, it's probably because you forget to do this incredibly simple thing: and it is just be yourself.

We know you've heard it before, but because it's so important it needs to be repeated. Because you might be strange, you might be unusual, but if you're just yourself & hellip; You will never sneak out another girl just because you were a little awkward.


They are 11 Creepy Things Guys Do While Flirting And The One Thing That Could Keep It From Happening To You Forever.

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